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Beth Chapman's daughter Bonnie Slash Criticism of social media, humiliating her late mother: "Shame" t


Bonnie Chapman mourns the death of his deceased mother Beth Chapman.

As we reported, the 51-year-old Dog hunter by the heads The star sadly lost her fight for cancer of the throat on Wednesday in the hospital Honolulu.

Chapman was diagnosed with the disease in 2017, and was able to defeat the disease for some time after the aggressive series of chemotherapy and cancer removal. Unfortunately, the deadly disease returned in 2018; over time, her condition deteriorated. The star kept herself in a medical-causing coma for her latest moments with her family.

Fired: Fans pay tribute to Beth after a dog Hunter backs his death

Shortly after Duane "Dog" Chapman shared news about the passing of Beth with the world TwitterThe 20-year-old daughter of the couple used the same platform to share the last, emotional love of her deceased mother.

Bonnie wrote:

"I love you forever my mother. Now you have a halo.

The daughter of the last reality of the television star continued, exchanging more sweet words of admiration for her "strong" mother:

"I'll never forget you, Mom." You were such a strong woman, and you taught me to always be strong. You were strong to all, and you taught me that everything is alright.

As we told you, the announcement of the late death of Beth caused a flow of support from admirers in social networks, many paid tribute to a crazy woman and her energetic car.

Although most of the comments were positive, there were several critics in social networks that were less kind in their compassion – some even went so far as to worsen the last star.

These negative comments did not go past Bonnie, which once again referred to Twitter users, saying:

For those who talk about my mother after her death, I am ashamed of you. My mother was a man and does not deserve to be degraded through any past of her or my father. My mother fought for women's rights and was the best woman.

Uf. Regardless of what you thought of a woman when she was alive, it definitely should go, that may not be the best time to ridicule hatred and negativity while my mourning.

The youngest Chapman also wrote a tweet to repeat our mood:

"I never thought I would lose my mother at age 20. I told her that she thought she was a couple of years old, but she did not agree in her eyes."

So so sad.

Although Bonnie did not allow her to hate words.

She continued to pay tribute to her mom by sharing sweet pictures similar to this (below):

Beth and Chapman's dog.
"So grateful that I got your beautiful smile." / (C) Bonnie Chapman / Twitter

Our thoughts and prayers – with friends, family, and close vagrants, because they are guided in this difficult time.

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