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Boucher: After losing to Callis of England, a “bitter pill to swallow”, but he remains on the proteas radar

Jacques Callis was recently hired as a batting consultant at Proteas during the 2019/20 season.

Jacques Callis was recently hired as a batting consultant at Proteas during the 2019/20 season.

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  • Proteas head coach Mark Boucher says losing to Jacques Callis of England is a “bitter pill to swallow”.
  • Callis joined England as a batting consultant for their tour of Sri Lanka.
  • However, Boucher hopes that he will be able to lure his former teammate to the “Proteas”.

Proteus head coach Mark Boucher optimistically Jacques Callis will not be lost to South African cricket, and that he will soon return to the national organization as a consultant.

Callis, the third-ranked scorer in the history of cricket testing, worked as a wrestling consultant at Proteus during their series against England last summer.

Then the leadership of the South African Cricket Team (CSA) then undertook to no longer appoint white coach consultants, trying to accelerate the pace of transformation at the highest level.

The decision sparked media waves, but the decision that Boucher hinted at on Thursday ultimately meant that Callis could no longer work in the national structure.

With a new ad hoc council now trying to clean up South African cricket, after CSA’s administrative problems last year saw Sports Minister Nati Mtetwa interfere in the game, Bush has the impression that white advisers may be reappointed as proteas.

However, Callis has joined the British national side as a batting consultant for their permanent tour of Sri Lanka, while the Proteus are set to leave for Pakistan on Friday for their first tour in 14 years.

In 2007, the last time South Africa toured Pakistan, Callis was huge as he scored three and a half centuries in four performances to help tourists achieve an impressive 1-0 test run.

Addressing the media on Thursday, Boucher acknowledged that losing to Callis of England was a “bitter pill to swallow”, but he would continue to try to secure his services going forward.

Boucher admitted that the whole process was something he did not have under control.

“Jacques works with guys individually, and unfortunately I sometimes have my hands tied behind my back,” he explained.

“You get a message that this guy can’t be chosen for a role you might want him to play.

“A lot of the media says that Jacques is my partner and that he may be a“ friend. ”Yes, he is my partner, but Jacques is also a very good cricketer who can also add a lot of knowledge.

“Why don’t we want him in our organization?

“For this reason, it is a bitter pill to swallow, but now the press has well documented that the rules have changed a bit, so he is undoubtedly the one we would like to return to the position of consultant.”

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After their tour of Pakistan, the Proteus have to host Australia for three test matches in February and March, and Boucher offered Kallis the opportunity to return to battle even as soon as that time.

“I haven’t had any serious talks with Jacques since he’s in Sri Lanka now, but of course in the next short period of time, if we can get him somewhere soon, maybe against Australia, then we should,” he said. .

“There are many players who speak so highly of Jacques and the knowledge he passed on to them, albeit in a short period of time against England.

“He’s on my radar trying to get him back to Proteus, and I just hope we’re treating him too. He’s shown that at the moment he has a lot of other opportunities in world cricket, so we’d be stupid, don’t try hold on to it.

“I know Jacques would like to work in South African cricket, and I’m sure that after our talks, we hope to see him here.”

During further pressure on the current transformation goals for the national side – in terms of field and lobby recruitment – Boucher found that he had no official notification from any member of the CSA leadership.

“I will not talk about transformation. You can ask Max Jordan about it. I just realized that we are allowed to have white consultants. I took it in the media,” he said.

“I can’t give you any more answers because no one talked to me about anything. The only thing I did was read the media reports about Judith (February, temporary CSA board member), where she said we were allowed to white consultants again “.

Boucher then elaborated on some of Callis’s work with Proteas tests, even after the English series ended last summer.

“He had a session with Temba Bavuma in Cape Town, and Temba speaks very highly of him,” he said.

“There is a lot of knowledge that Jacques can pass not only to Tamby, but also to all our knockers. The guy played more than 150 test matches for his country.

“The batting knowledge he gained, along with a few other guys in this country, should be used.

“The beginning was there, and then it was somehow taken away from the players.

“Hopefully, we can return it and pass this information on to the players … it can only make the world of good communication with such a guy.”

The first test between South Africa and Pakistan is held on January 26 in Karachi.

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