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CBOT Trends – Wheat, soybeans down 1-2 cents, constant-down corn 1 | Agricultural Goods

CHICAGO, November 16 (Reuters) – Following the US trade expectation for the resumption of grain and soy trading at the Chicago Trade Board at 8:30 a.m. CST (1430 GMT) on Friday.

WORKING – Down 1 to 2 cents per bushel

* Blood in the trade under the wide range of technical sales and uncertainty among U.S. export forecasts. in the stiff competition of Russia.

* The US Department of Agriculture reported export sales of US wheat in the latest week at 438,300 tonnes, in line with trade expectations for 400,000 to 650,000 tonnes.

* K.C. December's hardened winter wheat contract grows slightly higher than a $ 4.78-1 / 2 life contract.

* Wheat December CBOT lasted down 1-1 / 2 cents at $ 5.04 per bushel. K.C. December of hard red hard wheat was traded unchanged at $ 4.80 and MGEX Spring wheat in December rose at 3/4 per cent at $ 5.75-1 / 2.

CORN – Quickly down 1 percent per bushel

* Flat corn for lesser trade as the market waits new direction. The CBOT December contract hovers above chart support in its 50-day mobile averages near $ 3.65.

USDA reported US sales sales in the most recent week of 893,900 tonnes (old and new combined crop years), towards high trade expectations for 500,000 to 900,000 tonnes.

* Last December corn corn broke down 3/4 per cent at $ 3.66-3 / 4 per bushel.

SOYBEANS – Down 1 to 2 cents and bushel

* Soibeans is moderately lower after climbing two sessions, with traders waiting for signs of throwing in the U.S. trade relations. with China's global soya buyer. China sent its written response to the requirements of the United States for trade reforms this week, although the senior administration officer Trump says that Chinese response is unlikely to trigger development.

USDA reported US sales sales of US dollars in the latest week in 470,900 tonnes (old and new crop years combined), in line with trade expectations for 400,000 to 700,000 tonnes.

* Through its daily reporting system, the UDAA said that private sellers sell 100,000 tonnes of US soybean to unknown destinations to be introduced in the 2018/19 marketing year that began on September 1.

* Weekly weekly solvent sales at 432,300 tonnes for the 2018/19 crops year resulted in a range of trade expectations for 100,000 to 400,000 tonnes.

* CBOT in January had traded two storeys at $ 8.86-3 / 4 in bushel. (Report by Julie Ingwersen)

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