Tuesday , July 27 2021

Iconic & Be Se Star Song & # 39; for Life-Size 2

Do not be shy – be a star!

Length of Life, the iconic 2000 movie where Lindsay Lohan has brought a plastic toy alive while experimenting with necromancy, finally getting his expected sequence this year. Although Lohan was not confirmed as it appears, Tyra Banks is the forefront and focus of the sequence, returning to regenerate again in his role as Eve Barbie-esque doll.

To mark the event, Banks have re-mixed Life-Size & s bop certified & Be A Star & # 39; to give him a modern update, including Newfound Night. "We're turning a bit up … there's a bit of music going on," said Banks EW.

Although most of the song is a great departure from the original melody, it still retains some of the incredible classic 00 elements, a sparkling chorus and a shining message, shining far away , which is not shy and instead of being a star.

"There's so much meaning behind this song," said Banks. "A song empowers. It's about who you are, unconscious."

The new music video still contains Length of LifeA "banquet" is a dancing star where Banks stand with a separate leg and raise its palm to the sky, symbolizing the lifting of our spirits and lifts us to a higher plane because we are all stars.

Bank memorable hot pink cardigan, white crop peak and error margins also return, but in a really fashioned doll style, Banks go through a handsome appreciation. On the town, in the center, Eve loves a high fashion.

In the first movie, Be A Star & # 39; It was a theme theme Eve, which appears in commercial for the doll and sung by a Will during the size of a business party, as dolls can not say when it's not appropriate to pick up and sing how great you are.

Life-Size 2 It premieres in the United States on December 2. No word yet when it comes to Australia, but no matter where we live, where we are, we are stars.

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