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India will crush the West Indies to send them out of the World Championship


Kokli scored from 72 to lay the foundations for 268 India for seven years after picking the first in Old Trafford Manchester.

Indian bowlers led by paceman Mohammed Shami, then liberated the West Indies for 143 at 34.2 overs to stop the West Indies' hopes for progress.

India, which has moved England as a first-class day-to-day team, remains the only invincible side in the tournament and needs only one win from three other matches to secure the pitch of the semifinals.

Western India joined Afghanistan and South Africa when the three teams retreated from the last four races.

"We can not complain, we have just become the first party in the world, and we have played it for a long time," said the captain and player Kohli.

"Things did not go our way with the bat in the latest games, but we found a way to win."

Shami, who took the hat-trick in the previous game, turned the numbers 4-16, removing the dangerous Chris Gail early after the barbed feeds from the knife.

But it was Colli who created a victory when he became the fastest bit to reach 20,000 international races in his 417th submission – the Indian Sachin Tendulkar and the Caribbean Bethman Brian Lara demanded 453 international innings to reach a significant value.

Wicketkeeper-batsman M.S. Dhoni and Hardik Pandya increased the overall amount by placing 70 runs for the sixth gate to punish otherwise disciplined bowlers.

Pandya hit 46 of 38 m, while Dhoni remained unbeaten at 56, finishing with a big six.

West Indo-Bowlers, led by Kemer Roach, kept India under control until the last stage.

Roach returned impressive numbers 3-36 in his 10 frames, including in the gate of India opened Rohit Sharma for 18 years.

Koli, whose 82-point knock contains eight frontiers, expanded his beautiful shape with some attractive frames that fascinated the party crowd at Old Trafford.

West Indies were in trouble at the beginning of their response, when Gale shoved a short shot from Shami and was caught by Cedar Jadhav to the left of the middle after the fight, only six ran 19 balls.

Shay Hope tried to take Shamy and hit him abroad, but the boiler reacted, plowing the stump with the next, when the West Indies dropped to 16-2.

It was all uphill from there for struggling the Caribbean side that failed to support the momentum after they opened the World Championship winning against Pakistan.

Paceman Jasprit Bumrah and leg counter Yuzvendra Chahal took two wickets each.

Captain West Indies Jason Holder said: "The Bowlers have done fantastic work on this surface. I could not ask for more, but we set ourselves up with a bench.

"We did not take advantage of this moment, but I would chase 268. We did not do this.

"We allowed ourselves considerably down this tournament. The bowlers had a clever campaign, but our batting was too inconsistent, this is our weakest format of three."

The two-time champions of India next game host England in Birmingham on Sunday.

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