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Protesters interrupt the Amazon event to disclose its work with ICE


Massive protests

The protests broke out at the Amazon Summit AWS Summit, a conference in New York to celebrate cloud computing services.

As Amazon CTO Werner Vogels gave a presentation, the group headed by a man defined in tweet as a technical worker interrupting the protest against the Internet giant's Internet retailers with the American Immigration and Customs Authority (ICE), the federal law enforcement agency responsible for applying immigration policy. ABC News reports that technical workers and immigration activists held protests throughout the event, temporarily blocking the movement in Manhattan.

Protesters are commenting on Amazon contracts with Palantir's military technology company that develops artificial intelligence systems for government agencies and is currently relying on Amazon to support its technology.

The protesters also urged Amazon to stop selling its AI software for face recognition, Rekognition, government agencies such as ICEs that control and target immigrants, as well as other companies with government contracts.

At a time when there are detention centers in the United States that place immigrants and asylum seekers in overcrowded, inhumane conditions and in anticipation of nationwide raids, during which ICE plans to track and arrest thousands of immigrants living in large cities, protesters demanded that Amazon cease work with those who are suppressing marginalized groups.

Vogels was unnoticed, but continued to talk about the specifics of AWS, according to ZDNet.

"I'm more than ready for the conversation, but maybe they have to let me finish the first one," said Vaugels among the protesters whose audio systems were cut off on the official Amazon live broadcast of the event, ZDNet.

"We all will get our voices heard," he said, before returning to his planned performance.

As the federal government is cracking immigration, face recognition tools like Rekognition will only ease the targeting of vulnerable people, and protesters see that long-standing partnerships like Amazon are actively getting cruel.

"Amazon Rekoginizatsiya seeks abuses in the hands of governments. This product poses a serious threat to communities, including color and immigrants, as well as to the trust and respect that the Amazon has been trying to build, "the American Civil Liberties Union wrote in June 2018. and civil liberties, including their own clients, and take Recognition for a table for governments. "

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