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VIDEO: Local producers talk about their new movie, Frank and Fearless

The South African comedian of Schuster is back in the upcoming Frank & Fearless movie, exasperating audiences with iconic humor.

The story turns around a very controversial and tragic problem facing society, namely rinking.

Schuster plays the role of Sonny Frank, an uncertain rail chef who joins a 10-year-old boy to hijack the South East Asia ambassador in an attempt to prevent rhino pain.

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Two four-legged friends will join them: Reini (babies rinks) and a loyal lover of the Dogs name.

Rekord asked two Centenary residents – Asgar Mahomed, and Mahomed Cassim – who worked on the film as executive producers what she liked to work with Leon Schuster.

"It has always been great and fun working with Leon because he has a great knowledge in the industry," they said.

"It's been a huge home brand in the different communities. Leon is not a legendary actor for us, but a legendary friend and business partner, he's the name of the household and it's just a great man."

As well as working with Schuster, Cassim and Mahomed also felt they had to work on this movie because of his unusual theme.


"The conceptual film had a great appeal, but it was different from the usual movie Schuster. The subject was relevant and touched, so we wanted to be part of this story. We & # 39; I do not like to get involved when we know there's a great story to say. "

On the message behind the movie, the couple said: "The story of the movie is great; it brings the human element of how people treat animals and in this case Rhinos, just for a leg. Leon has this unique way of sending social home messages through comedy, and this movie has a great message for rinkshovers as well as those who buy their products illegal. "

"Through humor, the movie's audience gets more education about the rhinos and can only hope that positive change can happen."

Working with Schuster is sure to be a unique experience, trying to keep your composition in a very funny, clear or positioning scene.

"Every moment of working with Leon is fun – watching the passion that brings every project, and a style of interaction with everyone on the set. It's wonderful to test. "

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Frank & Fearless will appeal to a lot of South Africa, as it touches a subject that affects us all.

Cassim and Mahomed are proud of their project and encourage people to experience this unique South African film with family and friends.

"Rekord readers will laugh and they will take something positive from this movie," they said. "They have a truly South Africa movie with a variety of flavors."

"Fearless's character is also essential in its message to the audience: no matter how small you are, never fear anything because a fortune favors the brave."

Frank & Fearless will be in cinemas throughout the country on 23 November 2018.

Up Mahomed Photo: After Delivery

Mahomed Cassim. Photo: After Delivery

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