Friday , September 17 2021

A rainy week in San Juan? – Sun San Juan

For the first time was made in the hospital of Roson installation Digital hearing aid with bone conductionwithout surgery, which will allow a 3-year-old girl receive auditory stimulation in the right ear.

The girl was born with congenital malformations in the right ear and hearing impairmentvery much rarely and that usually occurs in one of ten thousand born. The ENT and Logotherapy service at the Roson Hospital, have performed the necessary studies to determine the diagnosis, identifying it as Microtia, which is the lack of ear development.

Through a Office of the Ministry of Human Development and Social Development of the province, a little girl got last Wednesday modern device called ContactMini, consisting of two interconnected nodes: a programmable sound processor and a miniature bone vibrator that can be attached to a rigid plastic or elastic band to make it very comfortable to wear.

The The processor captures and processes the sound and transmits it to the bone vibrator, where an acoustic signal is generated, which is transmitted through contact through the skull's bones. Thus, the sound reaches the inner ear, where it directly becomes a nervous stimulus.

Specialists The phonado surgery of the hospital was noted by Rason the importance of early detection: "In San Juan, both at the state and private levels, children are evaluated from the earliest years, but we still have patients aged 8 years and older with a diagnosis of hearing loss and no intervention, therefore Awareness and control of mother during pregnancy and in the first years of life of children is extremely important"

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