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An unusual dog's story called "Chuck" in the new Guido Ducks series – January 14, 2019

Today, Monday, at 9:30 pm Guido Duck premiereAnother family night", the production of Quarzo for El Trece, is an entertaining cycle in which participants have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of clothing and win important prizes.

Early "Another family night"in the forest scenery, Guido Duck presented the original contest of questions and answers. The originality is that the questions are asked in advance, on the site of El Trece, so that participants can study them before facing the competition.

Players form a team of two. If the one who chooses to answer is good, both win the trip, which in the case of today was in Punta del Este, Uruguay. But if it gives the wrong answer, another member of the team gets into the water.

On the night of the premiere, none of the participants was able to answer all the questions so that nobody received a reward from a trip to Punta del Este.

Then a high-end segment appearedDog for a million dollarsEach participant should estimate the time during which your pet travels by meter, which separates the dog from the target, where the whole family is located. This is not easy, because you need to take into account the possible distractions of the animal. The seconds start to appear after the dogs are called.

The first family that took part took the dog, which they called "Okay"Incredibly, but really, when Guido He asked why he was named, his father explained that his grandfather had called his son. – And to what age did your grandfather call you "Shit"? – he asked Duck boy – And … until he died, said a little boy.

Made clothes "Dog for a million dollars"Seven got a smart TV, because between the days when I was at risk and the time when the animal took the trip was only two seconds." The mind bitch took the initiative, as in her case, the difference was just a second, and the jackpot, as the name suggests, is a million pesos.

"Another family nightThere is also a place for participants to demonstrate their talent in any activity that they prevail in, physical, artistic or intellectual. In the first episode of the new El Trece program, the participants sang, and the audience interacted in the game. through the social network Instagram.

Between mortgage and mortgage Guido Duck he talked fun with the participants, and there was time for dancing.Another family night"

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