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"Call at Night": How was the return of Kalu Rivero to TB – January 14, 2019

Beginning is the best stylish advertising tourism that shows the beauty of Patagonia, with its paradise lakes and mountains. But quickly the music changes, and the accident takes over the scene, and the character Federico Amador works with the child in his arms, only observed through the camera of the teenage girl. Kalu Riviero,

It was the beginning Call at night, a new production of Telefe (Monday through Thursday, at 22:30), which marks the return of the actress to a leading role on television after her departure from Sweet love (2012), in full conflict with Juan Dartes.

Through a memory The entire sequence around the death of a couple of Louis Rollo (Amadora), the main suspect, is presented in the fictional city of Lago Mystico.

Kalu Rivero and Federico Amador, the protagonists of Russia

Cullu Rivero and Federico Amador, Campanas en la Noche (Telefe) protagonists.

Luciana (Rivero), who was on vacation with her parents, had a brief meeting with Louis in flight, and then opened the body. Turning into the lead witness of this fact, she intersects with Vito (Esteban Lamote), which, in appearance, is more than tense and typical for a soap opera, seems to be also associated with murder.

At this death, the entire plot of fabrication will rotate, which then comes 14 years after all these events, with Luis established with his daughter in Buenos Aires, and Luciana in partnership with Vito. There, the amount of coercive coerces forces all to cross over again,

As a good novel, he has his own love story, like Luis and Luciani, who are connected with pure actions: he saves her from robbery. Will the love of Kalu Riveiro's character be found in the alleged murder? Does he believe in the word of a person who claims to be innocent, but who everyone is guilty of?

On the other hand, the fiction promises to emphasize how Lucia oppresses and drowns both her family and Vito, and in her later release.

Already in the first section The clarity of the male character of Lamota is clearWhat makes a partner with what she wants without consulting her, treats her as an "animal", finds her incapable of managing her, and even rushing into a "biological clock" to become a mother.

This is a strong side Call at night, Creation of Lilly Ann Martin and Jessica Waltz, and that on this topic was the collaboration of Cullu Riviero. "To change the many things we study, you will also need an example of being a real woman, I feel that many girls will identify themselves because there are many situations in which any woman lived," the actress said. Clarin in the previous one.

Fiction was recorded in full volume during 2018, and thus avoiding a vice of daily bands that turn the story and characters in line with rating measurements. But still, it does not cease to have its typical characteristics, now with a history that combines a romance with a police plot.

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