Friday , April 16 2021

carelessly, Carmen Barba posted a photo of Fede Bal nude

Capochromy wanted to entertain her son a few days after the theatrical debut, which united them on stage, but he did not walk as he wished and went viral.

Carmen Barb live very intense moments. At the end of December, a magazine premier will be held that his son has sent Feder Ball and where she shares a poster with her ex-husband, Santiago Balo.

Carmen Barb, Santiago and Feder Ball remembered the worst moment of their lives

Obviously, the comedy wanted to entertain the former dancer and celebrate their growth. But he made the wrong decision.

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Barbie shared his followers with Federico Ball's photo, but forgot to cover his private parts. "I love you, son, as time went by," Carmen wrote on Twitter.

The original photo lasted only a few minutes, and, noticing the slip, he had to erase it. Then he was fixed: this time he covered him with a smiley face.

Fede replied to the tweet and commented after the error: "My mother, it's inconvenient to me from birthday".

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