Monday , September 20 2021

Discover the secret that contains the McDonald's cartons of potatoes

Where were the least expected of some novelty This can make you enjoyable surprise, especially when it comes to a multinational company fast food how Mc Donald's and diligent consumer and network affiliation, as it does.

Posted by: Miami Daily Gazette

As we did not notice! Twitter has posted a photo that reveals the secret kept by McDonald's potato chips. According to the network, the larger box flap has the function of becoming a base for placing sauces that are usually accompanied by the product.

Only with fold the back cover of the container, you can count on the surface, which can provide additional comfort for consumers, explains the brilliant user in a posting last week

"Did you know that the pot of chips with potato chips has a goal?" MacDonalds

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But although this seems not credible, the publication gave rise to intense debate, in which some expressed their surprise, while others simply mocked or manifested, almost you opened warm water!

"I worked at McDonald's as the person responsible for the grill, an assistant manager at age 18, and then in service. I did not even have a concept!It was a reaction of another.

"discovery " was made just in time announced the appearance of a new potatowhose diversity will include bacon and they will be put into order month at all US fast food restaurants.

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