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Dramatic Finals Fernando Gago: New Trauma Unleashed His Superfinal ahead of schedule – 09/12/2018

Sports drama haunts Fernando Gago. It does not leave it alone, even in a match that could become the most important game in Boc's history. Four minutes before the end of the Superfinal against the river in Santiago Bernabeu, the experienced midfielder again received injuries.

It was one No one touched on this. He lay on the floor of Bernabéu before the gaze of Guillermo Barros Shelotto. Gago got up and resigned and spat on to the bank saying "I broke the tendons"He would weaken the Achilles tendon in his right leg.

And he walked alone to sit among the substitutes. Thus, Boka remained with two smaller (Wilmar Barrios was expelled) when he desperately searched for a draw at the end of the infamous Superclásico.

At the time of the analysis The question arises whether Guillermo's decision to give Gago a seat in a bank where the midfielders were not right enough.leaving Agustin Almendra, who at one point of the week sounded like a starter, and Colombian Edwin Cardon, a man with a greater team presence during the last semester.

During the last semester, Gago was present at 13 of 24 Boca matches, a total of 912 minutes and an average of 70.2 per game. Cardona, on the other hand, has 17 present and 1067 minutes (an average of 62.8).

This was not the first serious injury to Hago in Superclásico. September 13, 2015 At Monumental, his match lasted only 24 seconds. At that time he was also wounded himself: he ran the ball, he slowed down and rushed to the floor. "I cut the tendons," he said to the partner at that time. The next day he was exploited, and it was lost at the end of the year. Uruguayan Nicolas Lodeiro, the target goalkeeper who has defeated Boca 1-0, entered into his place.

Gago again faced the River on April 24, 2016. When they played 40 minutes, the midfielder went to play a ball in his area with Lucas Alario and fell to the floor. He began to drain, despite the fact that the river striker did not hit him, and that seemed like a simulation, soon it became clear that this was something else: Gago was lying on the ground. Getting the attention, he left the court, unable to walk on his left leg.

"The instructional rupture of the achilles tendon and the implantation of the flexor tendon in the hallux of the left ankle joint used in previous surgery" was the lapidary medical part of Dr. Jorge Batista.

This third injury comes with an additional blow to the lost Superfinal. They will be training in the coming days and should see what happens this time with their car. Will it sustain another serious injury?

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