Saturday , February 22 2020
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Great presentation by Alexander Barbosa at Independiente


Red executed the orders of coach Sebastian Beccacsa, and from the network of the club introduced a new player in the style of the popular series.

Independent We need to improve our football products next season, so we need to strengthen our squad and Sebastien BekaçesCoach of "Red", approached the club's management of players, which he considers necessary to make the jump in quality.

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The first one who reaches the King of the Cups is the defender Alexander BarbosaSince last season in defense and justice, Red bought him a transition River in o 3 Million Dollars 82.5% pass and the left central part shortly wears a red shirt.

To announce this hiring, the Independiente Communications Zone made a brilliant video inspired by the series. Netflix: "Strange things", The idea gave rise to positive effects, and the networks were filled with messages that welcomed the creators of this content.

Watch the video here:

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