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Gymnastics smiled before the races that woke up too late – 01/14/2019

I did not become a gymnastics partner in the first game of summer football. It does not matter much for the enjundioso equipment Pedro Torglio, who was Superleague leader on the eve of the race, and the introduction clearly made it clear he would not accept that the terms of the party were relevant to him.

With a push, the platforms went ahead and managed to outrun the scoreboard for a very special purpose. After 6 minutes in the first half, Franco Mussy, returning to gymnastics after passing through San Lorenzo, which included a very serious injury, brutally raised the half-way rebound, and was stuck with a stick for the first goal of the match

Far in the next few minutes it was necessary to weaken the gymnastics. Realizing that there is a team facing him that would not allow any kind of carelessness, he maintained his concentration and cut out the playing circles of the Kude team, which seemed to be still in the pre-season rhythm.

So, it's no surprise that in 25 minutes on the scoreboard there was a new influence of gymnastics. Again, the hand was in a hand with a stopped mummy. Ayala sent the center accurately and the guy went to Guanini's head who scored the second with a precise frentazo before the static defense sign and Javier García too close to the line. There were two difference heads, and that was not bad.

How to add grimaces of discontent among fans of the race, Javi Garcia immediately lost his defense back to the goal and just hit the line on the line before the explosion was completed and the score went to win the numbers.

The races tried to change the story from the very beginning in the second half. He had a serious approach to those who did not appear in the first half, and also ceased to suffer Toggleio's attempts, especially with the stopped by Mia, which Ayala manipulates.

In any case, the Kude team has arguments to complicate any rival. And at the time of clarity, he received a discount on Cristaldo's hand, when they were 32 minutes a second time. As if to get excited from something else, although Comba immediately broke the shot at the post and then Javi Garcia sent a corner to the big shot Guanini.

Until then he could not compete with the free-shot Soto 42, which crashed into the crossbar. At this point, gymnastics was limited to an attempt to preserve the advantage that came with its large first half. And in the 49th half of the second half, Acienic was to give the last chance with a clear penalty from Nut to Cristaldo. But in the end the gymnastics smiled. For what he did for the first time, it was fair.

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