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"I want to cry" – 14.01.09

Alan Franco spoke for the first time after a crash that occurred on Sunday at Sarandy. Defender "Independiente" was very beaten by wounds of a pregnant woman who was in another car. In the statements to TN, he said: "I want to cry, I am also a father and I have children":

"The police told me. "We have to take you from here because they will do something for you.""Got your version of the facts. And, defaming the version of the driver's relatives, Alan Franco said: "I never thought of thinking of the police.

Below is his phrase in TN

What it is: "I feel that I cry because I am the father." I did not know that I was pregnant when I approached the girl, I saw her stomach and the world descended, she squeezed my hand, she said: "I'm afraid, my limb is aching t This was the most powerful moment in my life, I did not I wish this, I do not know how to explain it. "

His memory of that moment: "I was alone because I was going to sleep, it was a very strange shock, I did not see the car when I wanted to understand it, I had it in front of him, he wanted to accelerate a little longer, I was slow, I was not strong, time to slow down .

What he said about the accident: "I had a priority and a pace, I was less than 50 km per hour, I got out of the car, I was very scared, I did not understand anything." Just under the truck, the first thing I did is to see a girl who really surprised me. When I realized that I was pregnant, I ran to her, the boy in the car, whom I do not know who he was, had barely seen me turn around, the girl told me that I had pain in the ribs.

About the beer that was in his car: "A bundle of beer cans was in the trunk, it was closed, it was a gift from some uncles, I forgot to remove it, I do not know why they took this picture, I do not know why they said that I took it."

He said he did not take "I did not have alcohol, the police came up, I came up quickly, I wanted to know how a girl I had a girl's hand that held me tight and she told me that I could not breathe, I was desperate." He says to me: " Negro, I went from here because people were upset and they found out who you are. "I said:" No, wait, I want to know how a girl. "In all this, I stayed a little longer, I told the girl that an ambulance arrived, a policeman comes and tells me: "Negro, we have to take you out of here."

How it is now: "It made me feel a little bit calmer to find out that the girl is well, and the pregnancy does not risk, I'm upset with her subject, it was a very weird accident, as I told you, I'm very bad, now I feel like weeping. It's a fault, and the child not, I hope to talk to her if I get my phone.

"I wanted to get a girl's phone, I wanted to know about her, I did not have any news, nothing."

What happened to the police: "When the neighbors approached, they said to me:" We have to take you out of here because you want to do something. "I never thought about the police agreement, because I was not, and I would not go out. I would have taken the data and they took me to the Fiorito hospital, they did not give me blood alcohol tests."

Your contact with a pregnant woman: "My representative came to the hospital, I asked her to talk with her, I want to know how it is, because I can not stop thinking about her, I have a baby for a month and a half, and everyone has come, very sad. I could sleep, thinking about it, when I had the news that I was fine, and the child was not in danger, I was calmer. "

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