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Iliana Calabró to Fabián Rossi: story about love, lie and betrayal

Can a woman have been married for more than twenty years of a man without knowing about it? The answer is: "Yes, you can". E Iliana He calved Here's the best example of that. At the center of his investigative statement for the verbal trial where he investigates "The Money Route K", his ex-husband, Fabián Rossi, He acknowledged on Wednesday that he often traveled to Panama because he had "women and other children" there.

The talk has, indeed, been distributed since the investigation started for money laundering including Lazaro Báez, Leonardo Fariña a Federico Elaskar, among others, in the year 2013. However, Rossi and Iliana, who was still a legitimate wife, were responsible for repeated refusal in different media. Even, broadcasts include a magazine where they both talked about their love story.

But now, daughter Juan Carlos Calabró finished confirming that she had been sleeping for more than two decades, not only told her for her economic treatment, but had also been betrayed at the sentimental level. And, even though there is not even the least space after Fabian in his life, the disappointment returned to his soul. Because, as much as he repeatedly attempts, he can not understand how she was so blind for so many years …

Iliana met Fabián in the late 1970's, in Mar del Plata, when she was 13 and she was not rarely 15. She used to spend the summers in that spa town, where her father was, one of her; The most important capochomies that our country has had, have had a theater season. And he spent his holiday with his family there. So they were both in Playa Grande, where the tent that rented encircled its umbrella.

Little to be a sexy fan that would eventually end up, Iliana was stunned in love with this incredible young man. But she quietly and confined herself to a great friendship with her sister, Gabriela, who allowed him to always get him close and even to count on him as a guest in his party fifteen

With the advent of age, meanwhile, the meetings between the two became more intermittent. Iliana started studying in the Dramatic Art Chamber. Rossi went to the right into the faculty, never looked at the eyes that the girl from Calabró had for him for five years.

However, at the time, the fate crossed them again and the dispersion occurred. Iliana was happy: finally, she had succeeded in conquering her life. Both went, lovers, formally, with the approval of their respective families who had known each other for a long time.

Finally, on December 1, 1990, Iliana and Fabi married a grand party at the Alvear Hotel the same was present Mirtha Legrand, Among many other entertainment world personalities. And everything appeared on railings in the life of the daughter of Calabró, who led her home to be blessed at Nicolás's arrival, in 1994, and from Steffano, in 1999.

But, probably, since 2004 Rossi would have started an extramarital relationship in Panama with the designer Colombian Liliana Jaik Mora. The woman, a clothing owner of the name Miranda, would also have been a business partner that Iliana did not know about. After Fabián decided to get rid of the printing company he was running, he told his wife he was marketing. And, probably, that's the reason for his regular trips.

Of course, so far, the face of the Iliana husband was very unknown to the ordinary people. However, when the daughter of Calabró was a media explosion in 2006 and became the winner of Singing for a Dream, her husband, mentioned by Marcelo Tinelli in each of the gallasians ShowMatch, he started to take part in the center and came to everyone "El Rossi".

In 2009, meanwhile, some photos began to distribute where the already famous man He calved next to an unidentified young woman on beaches Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And everyone started talking about "infidelity". All, except Iliana. "He's doing marketing for a cosmetics company and is always surrounded by models," said the actress, who did not welcome putting his hands on the fire to Fabíán.

That's how the marriage went on. And, in 2011, the couple made a trip through Italy and France to celebrate their "Porcelain Marriages" Two decades after giving "yes". Iliana lived as a second honey as he wanted. And, in every note he gave talk about, he referred to the Rossi as "his great love" his life.

However, two years later, the scandal broke. And Iliana, who married a printer turning into a marketing agent, learned on television that her husband was involved in a bundle account of dollars in the financial SGI, a cave in Puerto Madero known as "La Rosadita". And, collectively, he began to listen to the rumors that Fabian linked with another woman, and they began to circulate photos again.

Notwithstanding everything, to start Iliana tried to protect her husband. He could not believe that the man he loved loved him. And he strictly refused to accept reality. However, after a media siege that lasted several months, the couple stopped to separate by decision, who they would not say would have felt enough support from his wife in the media.

The truth is that, after making a long duel that was not easy at all, in 2015 Iliana met with Antonello Gandolfo Italian, and she protected her arm and made her believe in love again. Something that, after having suffered such a fraud, sometimes seems impossible to her.

Rossi, for his part, after being awarded trying to stay away from the media, so very little was known about his life or place. Up to two days ago, when he read a statement where he claimed he was in Panama "had children, he had a wife, he had a department, he had a bank account …". Everything, at his time, denies his wife.

Today, Iliana was fierce to face this new cimbronazo in the arms of a man who loves and respects her. Although Rossi, who also has to give appropriate children's explanations, is facing a verbal trial that, beyond his / her judgment, can never appeal to the public.

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