Friday , September 17 2021

"I'm like Messi" How courageous!

Chilean club Kolo-Kolo He does his foreplay in Argentina, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why the announcement of one of the support did not go unnoticed. Uruguayan Gabriel Costa, a nationalized Peruvian was introduced as a new player to a team that works Mario Salas in the city of Buenos Aires.

At the beginning of the conference, the new fittings were very pleased with this step in his car: "I'm coming to a very important club in South America, I'm very happy with what's happening to me, I'm glad to be in a big club with a lot of history." At age 28, the attacker walked through teams such as Uruguayan Rocha, Bella Vista or Rentest before heading to Peru to play in Allianz Lima before signing up for Sporting Crystal.

"In the decision to come, he also weighed Mario (Salas) was here, he helped me a lot last year and is important in my career"– explained the football player; who added: "Mario has strengthened my skills and I hope to continue to grow"As a player, the coach was also pleased with the registration and the stated media: "We are very excited, especially for the arrival of Costa."

The funny thing came when a journalist present asked to be a footballer."I am a fast player with a lot of mobility, I like to speak at court"; and just in case, with laughter, he added: "I am the player with the extreme position to the right, or the entire forward group. I am like Messi. But I can largely contribute to the team.

Finally, he commented: "My colleagues have already told me everything that represents the game at Colo-Colo. This is a very nice pressure and it remains to be shown just in court"I saw a couple of matches last season at the Copa Libertadores. I just have to use the quality of my colleagues to do things well ",

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