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Leaked audio from expropriation? Louis Ventura and Alberto Ferriols at Solomon's Court


In Confrontacos there was a conversation that a journalist and surgeon had after the death of the artist. Look at

Within a month of death Beatriz Salomon, the Confrontados cycle (Devil's) broadcast audio revelations between Luis Ventura and Alberto Ferriols, where the driver tries to persuade the surgeon to talk with the attorney of the artist, Ana Rosenfeld, and the lower test to get a "neck rope."

Hello Alberto, really, that I'm very bad with all this, do you understand? "Ventura began the conversation. "You are wrong, but I'm the only one who is responsible for my daughter, you can not say so, because you are doing a terrible damage to me, the only parenting image that I have for girls is Louis, I ask you, please, another time I also asked you to be pleased, "said Ferrylls.

Attempt to reduce anger in conversation panelist de Involucrados stated: "Well, let's lower the tone and let's talk calmly, here I am a guest guest in this whole story, I did not do anything but helped them and I took part in a million dollar trial. I would like , because you should know this very well because you came Beatrice That day she coped with me, and you say that it is good for me, because I'm everywhere dumb for wanting to help in a situation that I did not know and did not participate at all, and you know because he called me Beatrice 500 times to try to protect you, "said Ventura, again tearing himself away from a hidden camera that forever marked Solomon's life.

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"Louis, I want you to understand, because you know it, neither at that moment, nor later, nor later, nor now I said, I am a gentleman, I have a pact." I once met with you at the bar, and we set some rules how we will behave, I did not talk to anyone, "- said the surgeon. "I do not blame you, you knew that, so I'm not going to deny that Louis has never accused you," he added.

"I do not tell you that you do not mind anything," said Ventura. To what Ferriols He replied: "Now Beatrice has gone."

Then, the former Intruder asked him: "I just ask to tell the truth about something that the one who called me is for me, because it's as if I had spoken about an ominous plan to hit you and her and it's not .

"My children ask me:" Daddy, why did you blow Beatrice and this person? "And what should I tell them? What did he want to help them?" Said Louis, "it can not be the language," the surgeon said. Dra Rosenfeld He makes me a million dollars trial, "Louis said fiercely.

– But what should I see? I make judgments about you Louis? ", – attacked Ferryolis. "Then I'll tell you what really happened to me," replied Ventura. "It seems correct that you are telling your truth," the surgeon explained.

According to success, it is there that the driver clearly asks him to speak to Rosenfeld, who follows the decision that the Supreme Court must resolve: Then call Rosenfeld and tell him to relax, tell him that I have nothing to do with this story that I do not cheat and do not cheat you to pick up the hidden cameras. The hidden camera is not mine.

"Have you ever said that you cheated me?" – asked Ferrylands, throwing a bunch. "No, but it's all said, starting with Rosenfeld, sponsored by Beatrice, to see how I defend myself, whether I will defend myself, how to see how I'll break the cube … Rosenfeld? I want them to free me, because she knows this well because I told her earlier and you know this because you were in the studio of the day that you and she knew that it would be recorded and that falsifying the trial you falsified that you did not know how I built this hidden camera, "the journalist said.

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"If you say that, gentlemen, this happened, it is very useful for me," he repeated.

In the last part of the sound presented in the Confrontados, Ferriols says: "Let's see, the loudest voice of all this, because I think I'm a asshole, it's Rosenfeld, the man who seems to be the toughest of all of this is Rosenfeld, I talk to her.

– Rosenfeld wrote this to Beatrice, because she was waiting for money for recovery, and since she did not have this expectation, she said that I would go to this asshole, and she entered into me and entered (Jorge) Rial. – Believed in Ventura.

"Not so, we signed an agreement in Rozenfeld that my trial, on the one hand, and the case of Beatrice, on the other hand, and this amount that you say that I received was not received," the doctor explained. "But you know that I did everything for you because Jorge did not want to make a note, and I insisted on you and what fee?" To treat me as a traitor, to cheating, to a million mangoes, ask my children whether it's true or not, he returned. claim the driver of true secrets.

Finally, the first Beatriz Salomon he suggests, "I'm going to save some of your knights and I'm going to talk to Rosenfeld, I'll tell him that I've talked with you, I have no problems because we do not have a secret among us, and if you want, we will meet us three ". To what Louis responds: "I have no problems, but I have to tell the truth, why does Beatrice call me?

"Tell the truth, but do not give me a stick," says Ferrylls.

"If they're looking for guilty people before they're human, the one who gave birth to all of this was you … Now my liver comes to eat, see what my social networks are," said Ventura.

Days ago Alberto Ferriols Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce de la Magnan approached him, but did not want to answer.

– What do you think of the words of Louis Venturi? He said that you had deducted 70 million pesos (for a trial initiated by Solomon), right? ", The reporter consulted with him, but the surgeon hastened to his apartment without saying a word.

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