Saturday , October 16 2021

Message Mercedes Funes

Actress Augustine Possession She is fighting for her life after suffering a stroke last Thursday and after an emergency operation.

Posse She had an aneurysm and was sent to a diagnostic institute, where she underwent emergency surgery. He is now in intensive care, waiting for a favorable evolution.

Property of Augustine

“There is not much more information. The doctors did everything to get Agustina ahead. “ trusted him Like Gonzalez, former partner of Agustina Poss and father of her two children.

“An aneurysm is a deformity of the cerebral arteries, a silent disease detected with bleeding. They covered it up, and now we have to wait for these difficult days to pass. It’s day in and day out. It’s hard, but we try very hard, and there is a lot of love around us, hoping that he will come out of this bad dream. “added the actor and son Jairo.

Property of Augustine

Jaco is a son Jairo, in addition to his producer and manager, and for twenty years he was a partner of the actress; next to her he is the father of Juana (20) and Francisco (16).

Actress Mercedes funes She left her friend a warm and exciting message: “Agus is a wonderful actress. A wonderful mother. An iron friend. A woman full of light and with a heart full of kindness. Today she is fighting for her life and our hearts are squeezed with longing. @Agusposse All our energy and wonderful thoughts for you. Let our love will captivate you. And read for yourself when you wake up, you are here and all the words of love and wishes of life of many who love you. Huge hugs @monikposse @yacogonzalezz Juanita Francisco “, I wrote.

Augustine Possession

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