Monday , September 20 2021

Nico Vazquez and his fight with Nicholas Cabrera: We could never be friends

As part of the premiere "One week nothing more", more "with Benjamin Rhasa and Flor Vigna Nico Vazquez was on Monday by intruders and, in addition to talking about the death of his brother SantiThe translator replied about his relationship Nicolas Cabra, with which he fought in 2014 during the recordings My regular friends,

"I had problems with Nicholas, we met again from another place when his father's case arose … Life is like that, and when Santi happened the same thing" began to count.

"I greatly respect him as an actor and partner, but both know that we can never be friends, we are very different, water and oil" raised the actor

"With me, Nicholas has always been a very professional, when we had some sort of film, I'll say it badly and soon, and he knows it, we found him with Gonzalo Eridia," – he added. Huge!



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