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Pierre Richard: "There are so many misunderstandings in this world, my goals may be so successful because of that"

Who saw in the 70s of the last century Tall, blond and black shoe They knew that their composer was an individual comic actor. This not only excelled in other expressive talents, but had different resources. Pierre Richard He combined the vacuum on the face Louis de Funes, best physical comedy & 20s and 30s physical comedy and naive record of Chaplin.

The young aristocrat Pierre Richard Maurice Leopold DefaysHe started his film career a few years earlier, in 1968, with Fun Alejandro. With the movie premiere of Yves Robert, it became a world star of humor.

During issue 33 of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Richard received an award for his career on Tuesday. At that ceremony he was excited, but despite some seriousness of the deed, he kept his mood: "The more the distances, the more my emotion, which is why I am so surprised to see people like you you want so much, it's something that moves me to the deepest level "and added:"The first time I came to Argentina was 40 years ago and there was a privilege to know Maradona. I told him, you'll do a spectacular career. And I was not wrong, right?"

Master of French humor, has subscribed in the tradition of actors who build a character and since that creature, personally and not transferable, they become co-author of any movie they are take part in it. In an interview to Infobae Culture, The Pierre Richard she's smiling, ready to laugh and to respond with many humorous words. Talk as an unknown and inflated person.

This man, who worked on more than just a few films, does not share that the actor's idea as an author is appropriate. "I have a rebellious, rebellious and unjust character, that is my original work, then other directors came and asked me to lend my character. Yves Robert, Francis Veber o Claude Zidi and then I lent the character to them, "he's preparing, almost preparing the auction, and added" I did not really give him a character, I'll sell them to "

He is recognized as the author of the films that, as well as stories, have been directed. There were 7 feature films between 1970 and 1997. Of these in Argentina they met The highlight is (1970) a I do not know I just say everything (1973). If her great appearance had to materialize with the movie above by Yves Robert, her combination of fame came I got a fogstard (1974) by Claude Zidi. Later, the series of films co-starred Gerard Depardieu during the decade of the 80.

Despite his long career and recognition he still receives worldwide, he still does not understand the roots of his success. "I can not understand why my humor works, I do not know why I'm doing what I'll do best. I'm the first person surprising my success. Indeed, my first director, who was also the first producer, knew me better than me. He told me that you are not an actor, you have a character. Perhaps if I were living, we could respond to what everyone is asking me and I do not know how to respond. "

Even her recent movies like What if we all live with each other? (2011), (2017) or in the small participation in Missed in Paris (2016), Richard keeps some keys that allow us to think of his matrix's matrix. The character, as he himself explains, is a mistake in the world. A reality usually plays against you. But at the same time it brings internal disociation between word and deed, in between gesture and will, which leads to subtle and critical humor. Finally, all its performance is carried out in wonderful physical work, as it always avoids transferring the cluster boundary that seems to be false.

"There are two or three things that are always in my words, they tell me that they are poetic characters, I do not know, they are abuse, I'll know it. My goals are real misuse, they are not good in the world. Sometimes they are big and sometimes small. As there are so many misuse that can not be part of this world, my goals may be so successful that's why. Personally, there is some abuse. Having uninformed my own aristocratic family, I wanted to make my own family among the world of comedy and I did not fit there, "analyzed Richard.

As they explain from different places Charles Chaplin a Sigmund Freud, humor is played in relation to the translation to order. Economic, social, family, religious, there would be no humor if there was no analysis of an order. If the order is replaced, as the first, the comedy becomes conservative, if the final balance, as a cinema Jerry Lewis or Richard himself, opposes the order of the beginning, comedy is essential. Richard keeps the films that he referred to be critical work. In this sense, among those referred by other authors, And toy (1976).

"In the movie And toy o Francis Veber there is a strong criticism of order and power of money. Maybe he had inspired me, I came from a very rich family that did not fit. In that movie there was strong social criticism, as it is in my own movies, where I tried to criticize advertising, the unbearable television games that are deep or even people I have taken to sell weapons. In the rest of the comedies, as it is Tall, blond and black shoe, which is a comedy for spy and anti-delete, it can not be said that criticism of the established order ".

Pierre Richard has filmed in Latin America on more than one occasion. He emphasizes the humor of the relationship with the region, saying that his wife in Brazil. But who know is that he has come to Cuba to film a documentary about the Che Guevara towards the end of the 80s, who talked with them long Fidel Castro, who considered "one of the greatest characters of the twentieth century" and was last filmed on the island in 2016, when he was under orders Patrick Granperret filming I was a banker.

"I have an important relationship with Cuba, but also with Latin America, I was in Cuba for the first time with a friend of a journalist to film a documentary about Che Guevara and the truth is that I loved him , I've always been invited to Cuba to film 7 or 8 times. Of course I would like to have music and mojito, but it all started with a document about Che. Mexico. many too. Bad leg (1981) with Gerard Depardieu 3 months Despite the distances, I feel much closer to Latin America than Norway. "

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