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Rocio Kiroz returned to Cantando 2020 after the storm that destroyed her house: a gesture of solidarity by Moria Casan, which touched her

Moria Casana’s proposal, which touched Rocio Kyrosa

After an unexpected resignation Miguel Angel Rodriguez, only five couples remained in the competition to define the concept Singing 2020 which will take place next Friday on the screen Thirteen. During the opening of the program on Tuesday drivers Angel de Brito and Laurita Fernandez, made the usual greeting to the participants. Everyone was waiting their turn Rocio Kiroz, and when the round reached the singer, the most touching moment of the gala was experienced.

At dawn on Monday, a strong storm of wind and rain devastated much of the province of Buenos Aires. Among the victims was a tropical singer who suffered damage to her home in the town of Chaskomus. “When you can’t find the answers, when you say why? Today is a very sad day, a day when you don’t want anything. The most important thing is that we are all well, we are scared. And now? As we continue. The truth is very bad, “the singer wrote in her account Instagram.

For this reason, Rocio was not at the celebrations on Monday, and she was replaced by her coach, Ana Duragnon. This Tuesday, he returned to the track and starred in one of the most emotional moments in the competition. “I want to thank everyone for their words, from the first moment they learned what had happened to me, they all sent me a message.”, – said the singer and listed one by one members of the jury: Nacha Guevara,, Karina The Little Princess,, Oscar Mediaville and Moria Casan.

This is how Rocio Kyrosa’s house remained after the storm

“Thank God we are doing well. The material comes and goesIt hurts a lot because we wanted to finish the house and be calm. Always looking for comfort, especially since my baby is very small. Everything is fine with her, and that’s the main thing”- added Kiroz. “I think you’ll have to use tonight to put it all into your music,” Laurita Fernandez said, and the singer nodded. “I wanted to come and be with my partner, so much so that we struggled to be here, almost to the finals,” he said in connection with Rodrigo Tapari, who accompanied her nearby, is also excited.

Rocio later received special thanks from Moria Casan. “All day and all night he sent me to go to his home and it is highly valued and cherished from the heart. I am a very simple, very modest person, I am what I am, and it is valued, and that is why people cared about us so much, “the singer added.

“Besides, I know Moria worked to help you rebuild.”said de Brito. “Moria isn’t going to tell, so I’ll tell,” the driver added, and only then La One He took the floor: “I am absolutely sincere, I did not know what happened to you, I learned here through the posts. When I saw it, I already saw you in my house. “The jury pointed out when the singer’s eyes began to fill with tears.

Rocio Kiroz and Rodrigo Tapari in one of the most memorable performances of Cantando 2020

However, instead of providing him with temporary asylum, Moria chose another type of assistance. He thanked lawyer Andres Sanchez Ibarri for his intervention and made an amazing announcement. “They provided $ 1,000,000 to be delivered to Chaskomus to build your house. They already have everything, there is no sarasa here, we will not see it, nor politicians “the star added. Applause from the whole studio and uncontrollable emotions on Quiroz’s face. .

According to Moria, when the lawyer heard that she had invited Rocio to the house, he became interested in the situation and asked for financial help. “I know the solidarity of my people, so I love it,” Moria closed and handed the pass to the singer, who told how she learned about the donation. “We drove off the highway traveling here and I show Ed the message. I had to stop and see everything again. It was something very good. “, mentioned Kiroz, who also remembered his coach for leaving everything during the substitution.

Leave everything overcome on stage and in life. This is what the story of Rocio Kiroza, who had emotions up her sleeve, tells. Together with Rodrigo Tapari, they were there to compete. And when Karina announced that they were going to the semifinals, the joy and excitement were full.


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