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Sandy Island: "Phantom" is an Australian island that disappeared in 2012

There is a "phantom island" off the coast of Australia, which lives as a ghost on Google Maps – and this is surprised by the experts.

The mysterious Sandy Island was approved since 1774 as New Caledonia in the southern Pacific, but today it's not found on Google Maps.

Instead, you will see a weak contour of what looks like a long, thin island, but without visibility of sushi.

media_cameraThe mysterious Sandy Island is a "ghostly" reflection and only displayed on Google Maps as a weak plan.

Sandy Island's history begins on Sept. 15, 1774, when Captain James Cook founded a Sandy I in the eastern Coral Sea, near the northeastern coast of Australia.

It was published in Cook Diagram of discoveries made in the South Pacific in 1776

Historically, the impression was that the island was 24 km long and 5 km wide – difficult to miss, mostly.

media_cameraThis marine scheme of the British Hydrographic Service since 1908 is one of Sandy Island's first performances. Picture: R.C. Carrington, hydrographic office

One hundred years later, in 1876, a whaling vessel called Velocity also reports Sandy Island. This was noted on several 19th-century maps from the UK and Germany.

In the end, sea charts began to make changes to the letters with letters ED (for "existence of doubtful") after several flights failed to determine the island where it was planned.

The French hydrographic service removed the island from its maritime charts in 1979. But the real "non-disclosure" occurred on November 22, 2012, when Australian Southern Surveyor R / V scientists could not find Sandy Island.

media_cameraThe island is northeast of Australia.

The crew also captures the depth of the ocean, which was never less than 4,300 feet, indicating that there was no chance that the island is hiding under the waves.

On November 26, 2012 Google removed the island from the Google Maps service. However, lifting to the sea bed is visible on the satellite map view of Google Maps.

So what is the official explanation of Sandy Island?

There is no one, because nobody can say with the 100 percent confidence that Captain Cook saw all those years ago. The best theory is that on the island, pumice may have been marine flesh.

It is a mass of floating pumice, which was released from underwater volcanoes, and then move around on the surface.

These flesh can sometimes travel thousands of kilometers.

It is possible that Captain Cook – and speed, later – saw pumice rafts, making a slow path through the Pacific.

You can check the Sand Island for yourself here: 19.22 ° S 159.93 ° E

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

Originally published as a strange story of a phantom island from Australia

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