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The Arecibo message: Our first attempt to chat with aliens Picture 1 of 7 | Science

Yes with her Google Remember this day refers to the Arecibo message. This was a radial transfer that was sent to space Arecibo radio telescope , located in Puerto Rico, on November 16, 1974, 44 years ago.

Although its main objective was to show human technological achievements and remodeling the remodeling of the Arecibo radio tecopy in a unique way, it was noticed that, instead of introducing any type of audio to space, a message had been coded suggest that an attempt to communicate with some intelligent civilization that can be accepted and to decode.

The message had a length of 1679 pieces and it was sent to the cluster of stars of the M13 name (Globular Cluster). This cluster is in the direction of Hercules from a distance of around 25 thousand light years and includes about 400,000 stars.

This message had a series of data about our planet and its site in the Solar System, our civilization, our human, our chemical composition and DNA, and was designed by researchers Frank Drake, Carl Sagan, among others.

All sequences of sounds or pieces are charged so that it is decoded in four-sides. There are 8 possible configuration, 8 proportional of the same pattern, which shows random drawing. This can be seen in different ways but which results in the same information.

This picture could be divided into seven parts, each assigned to a human attitude, location and composition:

1. The Numbers: The first "line" of the message contains numbers 1 to 10 in binary format.

2. Molecules: Numbers 1, 6, 7, 8 and 15 represent hydrogen (H), carbon (C), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) and phosphorus (P), respectively.
Here are Homo Sapiens Sapiens DNA components, which send the message.

3. DNA nucleotide bases and sugars and formulas:

– Deoxyribose C5OH7, adenine C5H4N5, cytosine C5H5N2O2, Deoxyribose C5OH7.
– Phosphate PO4, phosphate PO4.
– Deoxyribose C5OH7, tymin C5H5N3O, guanine C5H4N5O, deoxyribose C5OH7.
– Phosphate PO4, phosphate PO4.

4. DNA double heliotic structure: What all living beings on Earth share (the vertical bar represents the number of nucleotides).

5. Human figure: With data as its average height: 1764 mm. In addition to the size of the human population that is charged in 32 bits: 4 292 853 750.

6. The Solar System: Show the Sun, Mercury, Womens, Earth, Mars, Thurs, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto too. The planet where the message came from is highlighted. The number of points refers to the size of the planet in question.

7. The last part represents the Arecibo radio telescope with diameter (multiplied 2430 with the wavelength that results at 306.18 m).

Although the message will take about 25 million miles to reach its destination, and so another 25 miles where a possible response returns to planets, this message is still much part from man's attempts to connect intelligent life in space.


On August 21, 2001, a response to the Arecibo message appeared, appeared in a wheat field next to the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire (the United Kingdom).

Although many UFO researchers believe that they would respond to the message. The official information is the preparation attribute of this image in the wheat fields to the scientific personnel that work in the nearby radio telescope.

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