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The reasons for the appointment of Menotti, as well as the other strong one, who wants to add Chiqui Tapia – 14/01/2019 t

The Whatsapp Claudio Tapia broke out for Monday. Almost all posts were living room. Even the closest leaders were surprised. The bomb that blown up the president of AFA has given rise to the expected effect, but with a huge smile Chiqui there was something else: not letting go of her husband, slipped into amazement at the restoration of César Luis Menotti at the age of 80, did not come alone. Tapia wants two numbers, one missing.

The decision was taken by Tapia himself without consulting, and he also reported this without warning. This step has several explanations, but the most important goal is to achieve the quality management certificate in the election administration, a sort of guarantee in its reconstruction project. We must remember that the "Example" football in the hands of "Superliga" The AFA image is almost exclusively connected to blue and white. And it comes very blurry. Presidents of big clubs continue to submit bills for the World Cup in Russia and for two technicians (Bauza and Sampalori) released a year later. There is also an obvious sign of authority on the part of the strong man on the street of Víaemonte in his eternal struggle with other leaders, in particular Daniel Angelica. I decide.

Relationships with Menotti began in March 2018. Chiqui she opened the door to AFA so that the technical world champion in 1978 returned to enter after 35 years. After this first meeting, there were several more. It is not surprising: those who know the Tapiy's football taste and his director's environment, coincide, defining him as a psychiatrist. Not even a darts, which usually throws Thin every time they managed to intimidate the president in his bold initiative.

The draft national elections of 2018-2028, presented at the end of last year, say: "We will seek a football identity by offering an idea and a similar style of play in all elections. From Sub 13 to Sub 20, the football principles common to the project must be respected. For this, it's important to work on the identity and sense of belonging to the interconnected work of all the technical bodies. "

This is a declaration of principles, with a clear football ideology. Between 2008 and 2014, with Maradona and Sabella as engineering, the same position was performed by Carlos Bilardo. History offers paradoxical revenge: in 1983 she moved from Menotti to Bilardo … Everything is changing.

César Luis Menotti will take on the position of director of national teams on February 1, but before (January 25th) he will meet techniques of various categories, from Sub 13, because they will all be under his eyes. He will sign a one-year contract with automatic renewal.

César has only Tapia over him and in the medium term, after the American Cup, he will appreciate the leadership of Lionel Scaloni to decide who will be the coach of the national team: that is, its continuity or possible replacement.,

Several leaders who go to the AFA halls and usually have coffee in the corner of Havana, believe that the arrival of Menotti will have the plus: that whoever chooses and tempts the new trainer will have another specific weight. Some of these managers are beyond the scope and they insist that Marcelo Gallardo will have themWhen you look at the latest reports of the coach of the River on this issue. Equally, no one rejects Diego Simeone.

At this moment it is quite a lot Chiqui Tapia has something in mind with a closer date. Keep an eye on the idea of ​​creating a Youth Recruitment Coordinator. A few months ago there was direct contact with Hugo Tokalli (he took this post in San Lorenzo), who was invited to manage the project for ten years. Ex-assistant Jose Piekerman, with enthusiasm, even talked with Mathias Lammens and Marcelo Tinelli, who gave him the freedom to act. However, he did not receive more news.

At that time, Pekerman was still in touch with the Colombian team. Today, Jose does not have a club, he rejected the proposal Boki, and it would be Tapi's letter to surprise him againAnd give yourself a different taste.

The first materialized. Maybe it's a shield or guarantor. It's hard to imagine that Menotti continues if it's just a decorative figure.

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