Tuesday , June 15 2021

The Truth Is It Here, Or Is It A Live Another Illegal Exemption? |

A mysterious space object of the name & # 39; Oumuamua & # 39; without a Panoramic Review and Rapid Response System Telescope (Pan-STARRS) late last year.

Since then, scientists have been hidden by their real nature. Its hyperbolic tracking indicates that it did not come from a solar system.

A translator is different from any asteroid or comet that has been found in the past.

Serpenters were eager to find out more about the remarkable and extremely remarkable shaped rock rock rising through the sun in a high speed. There have been many specifications.

Scientists said it could be ancient alien traces. Given that little data was collected, scientists said she was in June.

During this week, two researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysics Center raised the possibility that Oumuamua & # 39; be an alien space ship.

Researchers, Shmuel Bialy and Avi Loeb suggested the object "to be a fully active remedy sent deliberately to the vicinity of the Earth by an alien civilization."

After a careful mathematical analysis of the way the war object turned as she shoots past the sun, they can say that Oumuamua & # 39; that a spacecraft is pushed through space by light falling on its face – or, as they put it in the paper, "Lighting from artificial origin."

Many scientists have queried "alien spacecraft theory" doubts.

O Professor Matthew Kenworthy of the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands:

"It is not an alien space. It looks like a piece of rocky or frozen material that has come from outside the Solar system, which was passed around the Sun, and now it's going back into a compact space. "

From Seth Shostak, senior serpentist at the SETI Foundation in Mountain View, California:

"One should not accept this clever theory when an alarming explanation (a and priori is also more likely) for Oumuamua – it's a comet or asteroid from a distance."

Loeb justified their theory as "scientifically and only on evidence" and supported its agreement as follows:

"I'm following the maximum Sherlock Holmes: When you have banned the impossible, what's left, however, must be true."

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