Friday , September 17 2021

The video shows the sequence of Agustin when he came out of Theos bowling

One of the owners of Teos, bowling, where Agustina went to dance on Saturday night and early on Sunday, said that in the images given to the study, the teenager is always observed alone, without a company.

Fabio Rudolph said that this Sunday, in a full-fledged girl, one of her employees – a friend of a family of teens – asked a key from the room to check the perimeter security camera. In this line he stressed that all registered materials were available to the police.

"The picture shows when she leaves through one of the bowling doors, goes to the other end where there is a caribbean, and she sees that she buys a hamburger, then returns and walks north, and the camera loses the track" – he commented.

The entrepreneur confirmed that "in images he always has one, nobody suits him". In connection with this, he explained: "There is a misunderstanding, because in one of the images we bring, a person seems to pursue it, but it is a switch, a street where all changes are changing."

Urquiza's prosecutor said in the afternoon of the day that "the person who took his life in the early hours of the day was linked to the security camera of the municipality, which placed it at a service station near the place where the victim was, I went to dance with her friends, and at the same time there are two witnesses who see how they talk in this place. "

"It can be seen in the images when it comes out of bowling and goes one by one on the shoulder," Rudolf repeated, turning to the LT-LT station in Santa Fe, adding: "The cameras are available to the police and we gave it to her.

One of Theos's owners regretted what happened: "This is a result we did not expect from yesterday, early in the day, 4 or 5 days that we cooperate with the police, with security cameras; reconstruct exit route ".

Advising on the minimum age allowed in bowling, Rudolf said that "women can enter the bowling when they are 16 years old."

He said that "he could not confirm that Trionfini was the main accused of the murder of Agustin and who later appeared to be hanging from the rope in his house."

Finally, he commented that, along with other businessmen at night, they are considering not to open the door next week: "We see that we are not the only decision-makers, we propose to do a fight and not open the next Saturday. We have only decided this, this is an opportunity that we analyze ".

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