Saturday , July 31 2021

They pointed out a boy's disappearance but he was dead in the washing machine

The neighborhood of San Juan Los Toneles, in Chimbas, does not leave the seizure due to the tragic death of a four-year-old boy. Her mom had denotes its disappearance Saturday about 17 but it was found dead, the same day a few hours later, inside the washing machine.

Felipe lived with a mother and her older sister. He always huddled, but on Saturdays they could not find it anywhere. However, before the police arrived, a group of neighbors found their bodies at the back of their own home.

"The baby was playing on top of the washing machine, the couple was thrown and Felipe fell in. He had a very strong blow. with stomach headlinks and took the air away. That's what they told us, they have definitely made the autopsy, "said a relative San Juan Weather.

The shot was not only pulling off the air, It also stopped it screaming. That is why her mother was also in the house, she never doubted what happened to her son until she was too late.

The forensic report effectively decided that Felipe He died of harassment but did not show signs of violence. However, his mother was postponed as the investigation continued.

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