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Time discussion between Rocío Guirao Díaz and Dalila: "Your mind is macho"

It seems like a quiet night in
PH: We Can Speak, the circle that's orders
Andy Kusnetzoff on the Telefe screen, until the attention of the singer of the tropical movement, Delilah, provokes the anger of the model

Rocio Guirao Diaz

. After the interpreter asked the women who revealed their bodies in the networks, Rocio gave his opinion, as she often shared a lot of images on Instagram.

"I take pictures in underwear, and here is what I'm employed because I'm a model and I'm dedicated to that," explained Guirao Díaz, before Dalila said "I have a little bit of detail that you need to look after for your son". Although the exchange was over at that time, Rocio did not feel comfortable with observing the singer. "But who do I hurt?" I do not understand what's excited, do you say that the mother who shows it wrong? Dalila soon said: "Rocio is a model and can do with a body what it likes, and how does its children get up?" Thinking that her mother and career were based on her body and what she was not doing. "

I believe that you have to get rid of those thoughts and evolve seriously

Rocio Guirao Diaz

At that point, Rocio noted opposition to the singer in relation to his eyesight. "She tells me with a neckline that worries me (…) It seems to me that women have to do what makes them happy with their bodies, as long as they hurt anyone, to their happy mother, they will be fine, just as I am working with my body because I'm very young, and My children are natural, clear the day my son says, mommy is too embarrassing, will that be my restriction? "However, the explanation did not comply with Dalila .

"One thing is that this is your career and what else is when your son goes to school, where we live bullying through the time (…) I have For teenagers and friends going to eat in my house and I would not like that My son's friend stops in a magazine stall looking at the friend's mother's tail, "he said. hurting patience Guirao Díaz: "That's that I do not share the smallest, and I do not do it. It seems to me that we have to abolish ourselves from those thoughts and seriously evolving, "the model came to the conclusion.

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