Tuesday , June 15 2021

Video: the moment when a convergence crosses the low barrier and is hit by a train

Six people were injured on Friday this time the formation of the North Belgrano Railroad assaulted the combination of line 57 where they travel, in the Buenosaar area of ​​the Viso, Pilar.

The event took place on the cross-level level of the collector level of the Pilar de la Panamericana branch, located at the height of Camaño, and 4.30.

As can be seen in the images registered by the borough's security cameras and published by El Diario de Pilar, The cross-sectional with the lower barrier after another rotation in the other direction.

The combined driver, known as Angel Vidal, 47, and the five passengers traveling by buses were injured with blasts and was taken to hospital in Pilar. There was no unfortunately any fatal victim.

They arrive quickly to the effective place of the firemen and police to save the victims and move the vehicle from the tracks.

There were delays in the railways that link Retiro with Villa Rosa, but The service was normalized within a few hours.

Due to the fact, the Direction Unit 1 of that area is interrupted and, at present, it is a matter of setting up the circumstances of the accident by registering the images held from the security cameras.
In their place, they worked in the Social Police and Volunteer Firemen.

With information from Télam and NA

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