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A big white shark is caught in nets off Maroubra, witnesses say they've seen & # 39;

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November 19, 2018 17:59:32

A big 4.65-meter white shark has been found dead in the Nets in Maroubra Beach, the NSW Government has confirmed.

NSW's Primary Industries Department (DPI) said that the contractors were removed from the nets this morning by contractors during normal inspection.

Sark scientists have completed an autopsy.

Shark images were shared in the net on Facebook and Instagram.

Adam Cree, from Blue Reef Fishing Charters, saw the situation to develop this morning and said she was the biggest shark he saw.

"This morning I saw a boat checking Maroubra shark nets," he said.

"They looked so they had trouble getting something up.

"It was great. The biggest shark I've ever seen, and I've been running charters from Sydney for 20 years.

"We regularly catch small sharks but not to that scale. That definitely ate a man, no question about it."

The beach, which is popular with surfers, was closed until about 11:00 am, according to the NSW Surf Life Survey.

Large white sharks measure around 120cm to 150cm at birth and can grow to at least six meters in length.

Mr Cree said that numbers increase at this time of year, and seeing one is scarce.

"We do not see too much transport of shark," he said.

"They're more oceanic or blue dog water shark."


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November 19, 2018 17:46:12

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