Monday , September 20 2021

Megan Mark is the same color as Princess Diana on her iconic visits.

Princess Diana was a woman of pure class and style, turning her head in almost everything she was wearing – and now Megan Mark is following her fashions of fashion.

The Duchess of Sussex combines the deceased princess and mother of her husband, Prince Harry, by recreating one of the most glamorous and daring glances during a performance with her royal man on Monday – in a dress that costs only $ 70.

Mommy was dressed in a purple Maxi long-sleeved Maxwell dress from Babaton, sold for $ 70, and linked it with the red-red shell of the Canadian Sentaler brand ($ 1935).

Unfortunately, both items are outsold now.

Megan finished its appearance with red suede pumps from Stewart Weizmann – which would have raised $ 592.74.

The deceased Princess of Wales also admired this combination of colors – as royal fans quickly reminded of social media – noting that Diana had a similar color palette when she visited Taj Mahal in India in 1992.

She even chose a similar scheme when she visited Hong Kong in 1989 and Thailand in 1988.

This is not the first time that a 37-year-old Megan sent a dead mother to her husband.

When Megan and Harry visited Australia on their first royal tour, as a spouse, she revered Diana wearing earrings with diamond butterflies and a gold bracelet.

She also put on the aquarium ring of Diana on a wedding reception in May and paid tribute to her deceased inmate's tribute to her wedding bouquet.

Their Australian tour also noted the time for very interesting news – that the new duchess is pregnant.

And only yesterday, when in the English town of Birkenhead, she discovered that the royal child should be in April.

The popular duke and duchess are in the city on a series of tasks, and they were met by a large number of fans who glittered and rejoiced when they watched the couple.

This was the most specific update that royal fans received about the date of birth of the child. As it was reported, Megan hinted that she was "almost there" during a visit to Sandringham in December.

Other news, it was reported that the female bodyguard Megan came out of work after less than one year.

A policeman, who has never been named for safety reasons, was depicted as a leap in action when Megan drove the market sharply at Fiji during a royal tour in Australia and the Pacific last October.

This happens only a few weeks before Megan and Prince Harry move to the Frogmore Cottage on the window of Windsor Castle before the birth of the first child.

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