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Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide weather: The code is red

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said that it would not let go of the heat wave conditions, at least on weekends, when the temperature in many cities is expected to increase in the mid-40's.

In fact, it is projected to become hotter than expected in some places where South Australia has declared the "Code Red" accident to be most vulnerable.

Summer and homeless are susceptible to conditions, but just the length and intensity of heat can put anyone at risk of warning to avoid "intense activity" and stay hydrated.

Particularly at risk are Adelaide, Canberra, Western Sydney and the regional regions of New South Wales and Victoria. The capital suffers from the worst heat during the past few years.

Although the temperature in the western suburbs of Sydney can be up to 16 degrees hotter than on the beach. On Friday, Bondi could beat up to 30c while Penrith rises to 45c.

"This heat is already record, with Borrona Downs, in the northwest of NSW, which records the lowest temperature for any month," he said. Sky News Weather Channel Meteorologist Rob Sharp.

Mercury dropped to 34.6 ° C on Sunday, surpassing the previous White Cliffs record set at 34.2 ° C in 2017. "

Extreme heat

The heat wave spans all southeastern Australia and most of the center of the country stretching to southern Queensland. The "eastern" part of the NSA increases "extreme" heat, which can be a danger to health, even for people.

Daily temperatures are expected to be 12 degrees above average and 10 degrees higher than usual at night.

"Heat will be built this week and people are warned that they should not expect a delay, at least on weekends in many areas," BOM New South Wales said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Heat wave conditions can also have a significant impact on health, and the community has been warned to avoid tensions wherever possible to stay hydrated and to check the safety of older or vulnerable community members."

SydneyThe CBD today will see 30C rising to 34C at night and night time – up to 24 degrees. Penrith will be 41C today reaching 45C in the afternoon.

Inside, the Dubbo could see 45C in both Wednesday and Thursday, Wagga meet four days above 40C and Broken Hill could reach 46C on Thursday. Coastal areas should be cooler.

Canberra looks at 39C today, and then three days above 40C.


In Adelaide, the State Emergency Service issued an emergency warning about extreme heat and the state government announced the Code Red on Tuesday and Wednesday, when the temperature in some parts of the state increases to 40 years.

The Red Code calls for additional funding to enable the services for the homeless to be continued, and the special telephone line will also work over the next two days, providing regular checks of the elderly and other persons at risk due to extreme conditions.

Adelaide will see 41c max on Tuesday than 40c on Wednesday and only slightly higher on 37c on Thursday. Some nights this week could not get colder than 24C.

The peak on the city on Monday also hit 40c while in northern centers like Marree it climbed to 48c.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall urged southern Australians to take care during the hottest days and stay aside from the sun as much as possible.

"This is an extraordinary temperature that is expected this week," said the prime minister.

Mr Sharp said that the hot air from central Australia was moving southward: "The south-eastern interior is undergoing severe extreme heat for several days, but today it extends to Adelaide, the inner regions of Victoria and its parts of Tasmania. From Tuesday it will include Sydney and almost the whole of New South Wales as it increases in ACT.

"It gets into a very hot area, and this heat is simply delayed."


Melbourne is relatively cool. 33C today and then bobbing around the 29-33c mark for the rest of the week. Although they expect highs in the mid-30's in the inner suburbs.

Very hot in a regional city with Bendigo climbing from 43c today 44C on Wednesday and Wodonga getting to 45C midweek.

"On Wednesday, cool changes will somewhat decrease, but on the eve of the day, a cool, cool change will begin. But the hot gusts of wind with a high fire risk will come before a cool change, "said Mr Sharp.

In NSW, the colder weather should not come through until Sunday which will be the first day with a high below 30C this week.

For Adelaide, the temperature will drop to 35C on Thursday, then 32C and in the 20s for the weekend. Melbourne will be in low-30s for the end of the week and then low-20s for the weekend with possible rains.


Elsewhere Brisbane will see identical sunny days in a much more manageable 32c all week with similar conditions coast to Cairns, but with an unusual shower.

Darwin There is a 32C with a storm chance for most of the week. Perth will be sunny and will stay around 30C, but mercury can shoot up to 36C or even 38C at weekends.

Trip down to Tasmania summery 25c on Monday at Hobart will rise to 29C on Tuesday. Launceston is expecting 34C in the middle of the week. Cold than on the mainland, but still unusually high this far south.

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