Tuesday , April 20 2021

New Dardy Coward Headquarters campaign targets Schools

Danny Green has built his career on the ability to throw very powerful penalties.

But nothing stops the world's boxer more than "weak and afraid" men who are responsible for rocky assaults.

The Perth based athlete has led a national campaign that focuses on the issue for six years now, and today covers the front with a series of emotional ads that are # 39; n targeting Scholarships.

"Violence is ugly – and it makes you ugly too," Green at news.com.au "That is the next step of the campaign."

And the champions take a series of emotional and powerful videos straight to mobile phones tens of thousands of young people.

Outside Queensland school will fall on hot places like the Gold Coast, while Western Australia rates will flow regular routine like Rottnest Island from Sunday.

New South Wales and Victorian young people have the opportunity to blow some steam after 12 years of study from 24 November.

Over the past three weeks, there will be a total of 50,000 Spirits attending official celebrations across Australia.

And thanks to targeting social media, Green videos will be on their finger ideas on social media apps and websites.

"Most of these children will go out for the first time, leaving their own devices. There are many pressures and expectations," says Green.

"I want them to see the videos and decide to walk away, scratch their friends and walk away in situations like this. She is for women and women, who I hope to see and think, i do not want that to me "

The videos contain different situations where Schools fight violently, with prospects recording the scenes on their mobile phones. Offset by the hardness, they dump left across those responsible, pulling them off the scene.

"You stop looking like a scary thing in front of everyone when you can not control yourself," says Green.

"The fact that these children like it will be seen like this by other people, especially during a time that is supposed to be the highlight of teenage years. the best person in the party, but your stupid steps can quickly make you the cellular person in the room and your reputation will leak like rocks. "

Green has two children – a 16-year-old girl and a 11-year-old son – who provokes his passion to change attitudes and behaviors among young people.

"Like any dad, I am worried about the world they grow up. Having children that will come out to the world alone, it's terrible," he says.

That is why he has poured a lot of money and his own time to the campaign, which is volunteered.

But here is the endless stream of stories from the incredible family families who were killed in boat attacks over the years, which have steered Green.

Thomas Kelly was only 18 years old when he was killed, after being hit behind at Kings Cross Sydney in 2012

The same age at Cole Miller in 2016 was attacked by two men as they went home after a night out in Brisbane Fortitude Valley. He died in hospital the next day.

"There have been so many cases," said Green.

"There are too many stories about people losing their lives. I'm often heard from those families. I've met young blocks that are completely incapable and require 24 hour care. I've gone to meet families who have lost a son, father, uncle, whoever may be. "

Change will not happen overnight – it is aware of that. But Green felt he had to put his voice and profile into something that was important.

"I am a champion of the world champion and I fight for livelihood, but I think this type of thing is bad and unnecessary. That was the message I wanted to send , to reach youth – especially young men. "

He was part of a squad that was joining to change the language around this kind of horrible violence acts, which were once again referred to as "horrible king".

The language was almost decorating blocks going out and hitting someone behind, Green felt.

"You would get those crews down the pub boasting for the king hitting a bit bad and I was hated by the term. It's not really brave or difficult for that. No one respects him. He now has the term that he deserves – it's awful.

"Hitting someone, assaulting them for any reason or reason for nothing, when they are unaware, cheats me. I believe it is a block of 99.9 per cent of the population. But unfortunately , it's a very common act.

"I try to make a difference and change the way in which youth behaves themselves. If they are thinking about doing something stupid, they hope they stop for a second and think of being a remaining poet for rest of their lives. "

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