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New Google Quick Access may be the future of Android sharing


The days of the Android app are numbered. The NFC shared access feature shifts to Android Q, and 9to5Google only notices that it is replaced with an upgrade to Google Play Services.

After its first discovery, Fast Share quickly popped up and pushed good people into XDA Developers to see what it does and how it works.

The quick access feature looks like it will work the same way as the Apple AirDrop service – set the device name, find devices near Bluetooth, and then go straight to & # 39; connect via local WiFi. This is similar to the Google Files sharing feature.

The sharing options are a new shortcut icon (it looks like a Diamond Diamond) to start sharing. Specify the name of the device, adjust some visibility options, and turn off.

The shortcut function looks like it is for moving files. It's not clear if you can use it to replace Beam for Android, for example, to share the current website in your browser, but it's probably better for messaging apps.

Rather than making one way for Android Q + devices to share files and one way for everyone else, it seems that rendering features through Play will allow all Android devices to access the new feature. This also means your friends with strange non-NFC devices can get into this action. Perhaps the greater part of Bluetooth devices than NFC.

It also looks like quick sharing can be deployed more than just Android, with examples of icons around the user interface, including Chromebooks, watches … and iPhone.

Source 2: Developers of XDA.
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