SUNDANCE ENERGY / S (NASDAQ: SNDE) – Research analysts in Securities Global Seaport raised their Q4 2018 earnings estimates per share (EPS) for ENTERPRISE REPRESENTATIONS / S in a report released on Tuesday, October 23rd, Zacks Investigation reports. Aschenbeck, a Global Security Guarantee analyst, now expects the energy company to be earnings of $ 0.16 per share for the quarter, up to their previous estimate of $ 0.12. Global Mortgage Securities have a "Buy" stock rating. Also, Securities Global Seaport published estimates for Q1 2019 SUNDANCE ENERGY / S earnings at $ 0.21 EPS, Q2 2019 earnings on earnings of $ 0.27 EPS, Q3 2019 on earnings of $ 0.32 EPS, Q4 2019 on earnings of $ 0.35 EPS and FY2019 at $ 1.15 EPS.

A number of other equity analysts have commented on the stock as well. Nicolaus Stifel set a price of $ 10.00 on shares of ENNI / SUNDANCE and stocked "buy" in a report on Tuesday, October 9th. Zacks Investment Research raised shares of ENERGY EMPLOYMENT / S of "sales" rating to "catch" rating in a report on Thursday, 6th September. Finally, SunTrust Banks initiated coverage of ANY ENSURE / S shares in a Tuesday report. They gave a "buy" rating and a price target of $ 9.00 on stock. Two research analysts have graduated with stock with a drop rate and five have issued a purchase rating to the company stock. The stock has an average "Purchase" rate and a consensus price target of $ 8.30.

NASDAQ shares: SNDE traded up $ 0.22 when trading on Thursday, reaching $ 5.13. The company had a volume of 6,587 trading shares, compared to an average volume of 5,884. SUPPLY OF ENERGY NIW / S has 12 months low of $ 4.08 and 12 months higher than $ 9.59.


Sundance Energy Australia Limited undertakes the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in the United States. The company's audit and development activities focus on the Eagle Ford project in the South Texas-Gulf Coast Basin. Sundance Energy Australia Limited was incorporated in 2004 and has been located in Wayville, Australia.

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