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Red Dead Repayment 2 Publisher Courts over Pinkerton use


Everywhere agents are Pinkerton Andrew Milton and Edgar Ross.

Adam Bankhurst

Take-Two Interactive, a publisher of Red Dead Redemption 2, is on trial with Pinkerton's security company for using the characters of Andrew Milton and Edgar Ross, two agents of Pinkerton, included in the last name of Rockstar.

According to The Verge, it all began when Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations sent Take-Two messages of suspension and rejection of the above-mentioned characters in December.

Pinkerton valued Rockstar's "clear commitment" to Pinkerton, but believed that the developer "created the false impression that the game was made or related to Pinkerton," which is not, and requires Take-Two, to pay either one-time or long-term fees. "

Take-Two, in response, pins Pinkerton's court and claims that the heroes are in the protection of the First Amendment and ask the characters to be "honestly declared, claiming they are part of the detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 plan." "

Take-Two further explains that the Pinkerton National Detective Agency is in another Western science fiction and that the agency "played an important role in the true American history of the 19th and early 20th centuries."

According to The Verge, Pinkerton's agents are from other media such as Deadwood, The Long Riders, and BioShock Infinite, where Pinkerton's agent was the protagonist of Bucket DeVitte.

Pinkerton's complaint is that he is trying to take advantage of Red Dead Redemption 2, which has already been sold for 17 million copies.

It is unlikely that the first legal battle taken by Take-Two came in since it was also in hot water when Lindsay Lohan filed a 67-page complaint accusing Grand Theft Auto V of using her likeness in the game for the character Lacy Jonas without her consent.

For more details on how historically accurate Red Dead Redemption 2 is, it's imperative to check our discussion of how true the past western name of Rockstar is.

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