Friday , June 18 2021

The Ballet audience was disappointed after the Sydney Opera Cup curtain breaks

"We've tried everything to do, they have resumed the whole system … They have rung Europe to see if there is something they can do.

"Unfortunately, nothing works, so I'll be afraid that we will have to cancel the event this night."

In a video recording, the crowd gave a joint scan after he published the cancellation.

Australia's first Australian Ballet performance of Spartacus in Melbourne.

Australia's first Australian Ballet performance of Spartacus in Melbourne. Credit:Jeff Busby

The production shows a famous story of a gladiator that led the slave revolt against the Roman empire, and only Sydney's limited season runs from November 9 to the end of next week.

With only a handful of tickets available on Opera Opera House's website for the night and night performances, many of those who are present from night performance Friday can not see Spartacws.

Many theaters expressed their disappointment on the social media after the show was canceled, with some "to be described as" destructive to everyone, including the performers "and" disappointed ".

"Tonight [was supposed] To be a lovely romantic night for my husband's birthday, unfortunately the Spartacus show can be canceled after we all … wait for 30 minutes … [will] try re-books again but with most nights [are] have to book full. It's disappointing but there are things, "one attendee wrote on Facebook.

The curtain was set in time for the matiniol performances and evening performances on Saturdays and all future performance Spartacws going on, Opera House spokesman confirmed.

Repaying the cost of their ticket to members and the audience, the spokesman confirmed.

In a statement, Opera Opera spokesman said: "We apologize for the inconvenience that this technical issue can cause. Australian Ballet boxes and Opera House boxes will be in touch with their respective customers check repayments on ticket orders. "

The theater of Joan Sutherland, where the performance was carried out, renewed $ 71 million at the end of last year.

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