Friday , June 18 2021

The former Dallas xQc Overwatch player has been suspended again

Former professional player, Flix "xQc" Lengyel has been suspended Overwatch once again.

The live stream had it Overwatch The count was suspended for 15 days in August-and now, he has received a 24-day exclusion, according to Dexerto.

XQC Prohibition?

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The former Dallas Fuel player was a speech as he looked at the "stopped" message in bold, red letters. But seconds later, he broke his silence, saying he could move on Overwatch due to its latest ban.

Associated: Pre Overwatch The XQc league player has permanently excluded League of legends

"I do not think I want to be part of it now than I will give all the energy and all of them," says xQc. "I think I've done something with her."

After her Overwatch The count was stopped early August, xQc was permanently excluded League of legends at the end of the month. This most recent ban continues to be a racial year for xQc, starting with a number of penalties and exclusions from the Overwatch League in early 2018.

When he was competing in the Overwatch League xQc for four days and fined $ 2,000 in January for making homophobic comments about a cooler OWL streaming on Twitch. Then, Fuel stopped the tank player for the rest of the first stage of OWL.

XQc was suspended later on March 9 for four games and fined $ 4,000 for using "racially" emote in the OWL stream talk. Y Overwatch The League also noted that xQc was "an adverse language" against both managers and joint players on the stream and on social media for the penalty. I was released later by the Fuel Dallas on March 11.

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