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"The test appeal does not make much sense" – Wade

Matthew Wade believes that the reason expressed by the national selection team for Australia for his exclusion from the series of tests against Sri Lanka "does not make much sense."

Captain and goalkeeper of Tasmania was very loud in the media, since he was dropped out of Australia's test team for a series of two matches against Sri Lanka, despite being the lead scorer in the Sheffield Shield cricket this season. thirty days.

Wade said that he could not understand the logic behind the selectors who claim that his omission was that he was too low in Tasmania. "It's a disappointment to me," said Wade Radio SEN on Monday.

"It seems that the criteria when Justin (Langer) took the weight of running, hundreds. I feel that I'm ticking all these boxes and the reasons why I do not get selected I will not be in the first four. I do not really have a special meaning. "

The head of breeders Trevor Hons was questioned about not picking Wade as a batsman specialist when the team was announced last week. Hons suggested that he be selected, Wade should run higher than No. 6, where Wade crashed into all 12 shields served this season.

"It's nice to see Matthew scoring several runs," Hons said. "But if Matthew wants to be considered an irrevocable batsman, it would be nice to see how he falls a little higher for Tasmania, and this conversation was."

Tasmanian coach Adam Griffith argued that he was only informed that Wade was in places when he was an obstacle to the selection after the Sri Lankan squad was elected. "I've never been told Cricket Australia that he should beat four," said Griffith Mercury last week.

"I had a conversation with (coach) Justin (Langer) a couple of days ago, where he said that one of the reasons why we did not choose him was because he was flying at number 6," said Griffith. "But before this (during the Shield season) there was no directive from CA that he should beat the four best, otherwise we can not pick it up."

Wade asserted that the selectors had previously chosen betsmen for different places in the test line, no matter where they were in Shield cricket.

"He (Hons) expressed his opinion that I would be in the first four places. I obviously raised that Sean Marsh is flying west of Australia," said Wade. "The Beller step is a rigid bubble.

"I was at stages of 4 to 50 and many, and I think it's a specialist position number 5 and number 6. You have to be with the tail, you probably need someone to set the pace a little down there with the tail and the genus to build a general other way than just a batsman specialist.

– I think you probably saw it with Peter Harcombe in the last test.

"He fired No. 6, but he could not get out of position. He never hit his tail in that position." Yes, yes, I raised all these points. "

Matthew Wade enjoys her only time with her Getty Images

Sean Marsh just beat as low as No. 5 once in his last 27 innings of Sheffield Shield from the start of the season 2015-16. He opened or fired No. 21 21 times and played at least six times, including twice this season, and averaged 55.61 through 27 innings with three centuries.

March has made Bet in No. 5 at 23 Shields between 2012 and 2015. He played six test matches during that period, at No. 4 in six innings, at the age of nine and at the opening, twice.

Peter Guckcombe has only 15 shots in the 97 Shields for Victoria and did not do so since November 2014. He twice scored 6th place in 28 trials in Sydney vs. India.

Wade did not mention Aaron Finch. Finch was selected to open the batting for all of his 10 test rolls at the end of 2018, despite the fact that he was not rappings higher than No. 4 in the 44th first class of innings between November 2015 and September 2018.

From moving to Tasmania for the start of the 2017-18 season, Wade 12 times scored 5th place and scored two centuries on this spot. He also has two centuries of 17 innings that are sixth in number, and made 1,225 runs at 51.04 in both positions.

"This is the reason why I get it. It places me in a position that is pretty tight because I do not want to be shuffled by players (in Tasmania's order)," said Wade.

"I feel that if I completely abandon the gloves and go for four, and it will not be fine, I feel that the next thing that I hear, I can not choose, as back up, because I do not hold on.

"It's a difficult situation to be in, I'm not sure what we're going to do. I'm not going to do it just for myself.

"I'm sitting with Griff (coach Adam Griffiths), I already had a conversation with him, and we'll figure out that it's better to win in Tasmania, and if it's my batting number 5, if it's my batting." 7 I do not really care, I I'll go where I have to go.

Wade took over the captivity of the Tasmanian Shield team earlier this season after George Bailey resigned. But Tasmania does not play in another Shield game until February 23, almost three weeks after the completion of the Sri Lankan series.

The captain of Australia and the tail of Tim Payne will be available to Tasmania for the last four rounds of the Sheffield Shield, which will be thoroughly studied before choosing the Ashes travel team.

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