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Allianz Vermögensverwaltung wants to grow further 01/10/21

Allianz wants to expand its position as one of the leading asset managers.

The alliance wants to “grow both organically and inorganically,” said Jacqueline Hunt, head of asset management at Euro am Sonntag, according to a previous report.

As for the possible goals of the takeover, Hunt said that we see ourselves primarily with specialists Alternative investments around. “A lot would complement our business.”

After the fall of the crown market in the spring, the asset management business resumed, said Hunt, who is also a board member of Allianz SE. Despite market disruptions, a net inflow is expected in 2020. With its Pimco and AGI stock companies and € 2.3 trillion in assets under management, Allianz’s asset management sees itself at the forefront of the world.

Pimco’s long-troubled US subsidiary has returned to profitability under Hunt’s auspices. However, it may be that Pimco’s greatly reduced overall return fund never returns to its previous size, Hunt said. “I have no problem with that.” Rather, they want to ensure the growth of the organization as a whole. “Our focus is on maintaining profitability and getting smart investment results for our clients.”

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