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Börse Express – BevCanna modernizes beverage companies and launches TRACE website for e-commerce

Cannabis and CPG areas are rapidly gaining momentum, which will benefit from increased demand for natural white label from hemp and consumer goods

Vancouver (British Columbia), April 8, 2021. Market leader in new innovative health drinks and products, BevCanna Enterprises incl. (CSE: BEV,, Q: BVNNF,, FWB: 7BC) (BevCanna or what “Companies”), today offers updated information on the commercial readiness of its Canadian cannabis and international consumer goods companies.

BevCanna Canada: Canadian hemp industry

Since his recently announced a licensing partnership On March 15, 2021, the company increased the scale of its commercial production to cope with the immediate production of the product line Kif as well as product lines of two recently announced customers with white brands, Witchcraft Elixirs Inc. and Enthusiasm incl., start.

The company also has extensive discussions with provincial distributors across Canada to promote its products. trademark Kif how State B Drinks and Black hat bring to market.

It can be assumed that the company will complete negotiations on the list of provinces in April and May and start mass production to be able to offer drinks in the month of the highest consumption of beverages in the main provinces on time. After signing the listing agreements and receiving the orders, there will be BevCanna focus on launching commercial production based on these demand forecasts. Shortly afterwards, delivery of products to warehouses and dispensaries in the provinces and resale to retail customers will begin.

BevCanna is also in the process of evaluating a number of potential partners with a white label to meet the growing demand from domestic and international partners that exceed all production capacity BevCanna Want to access the Canadian cannabis market. “We see the growing interest in the market as a confirmation of our business model with white brands,” he says. Melise Panetta, President with BevCanna. “At the moment, we have a sufficient number of potential customers, and we are actively discussing with the groups – from the initial planning to the final contract negotiations.”

Nature Group: consumer goods industry

100 percent subsidiary, Nature Group is proud to launch its new e-commerce website TRACE to announce. Customers can now purchase and register a variety of products directly through the website Membership fees and repeated orders for goods register. E-commerce website TRACE will act as a catalyst to raise brand awareness, increase direct consumer loyalty and Lifelong value of the client to maximize.

In addition, Nature The group since its transformational acquisition BevCanna its main focus is on refining its marketing strategy in the field of national and international sales of the market-leading brand TRACE directional. Through Admission of two veterans of the consumer goods industry, Raffael Cabbage and Bill Niarchos, became a business development program in Russia TRACE with national retail partners as well as leading ones Accelerate sales and brokerage networks. In April and May Nature The group will focus on expanding existing sales through coordinated marketing campaigns with a number of major national retailers and attracting new national distributors for distribution. TRACE to further expand trade in traditional foods and natural foods.

“Our Canadian consumer cannabis and non-cannabis divisions are gaining momentum, and we can quickly take advantage of the growing market for cannabis and health products and the growing demand for white label production,” Melise Panetta, President with BevCanna. “Apart from local efforts, which are gaining momentum, we are also seeing great interest from international markets, especially ours. TRACE-Health products, especially since the growing trend of health and health is global. We anticipate that in the coming weeks we will be able to report more on progress in the international market. “

more BevCanna Enterprises incl.

BevCanna Enterprises Inc.. (CSE: BEV,, Q: BVNNF,, FSE: 7BC) is a diverse manufacturer of health and wellness drinks, as well as natural products. BevCanna develops and manufactures a number of vegetable and cannabinoidhaltigen Drinks and food additives for consumers of both private labels and consumers of white labels

With ten years of experience in the development, production and distribution of well-known brands that attract consumers internationally, the team demonstrates unsurpassed experience in dietary supplements and categories of cannabis-infused beverages. BevCanna, based in British Columbia, Canada, has a pristine alkaline source of water and certified production, certified by world-class HACCP, currently with a capacity of 210 million bottles per year.

An extensive sales network BevCanna includes more than 3,000 retail outlets through the market-leading TRACE brand, the Pure Therapy e-commerce platform for natural wellness and wellness products, a fully licensed Canadian cannabis production and distribution network, and a partnership with US No. 1 cannabis beverage company, Kif Brandy.

For das Board of Directors:

John Campbell, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Strategy, Director

BevCanna Enterprises incl.

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These The press release contains promising statements. All statements that are not historical facts and relate to activities, events or events that the company believes, expects or anticipates, or may occur in the future, are forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements in this press release include statements that: that the hemp and CPG company vertical is rapidly gaining momentum and benefiting from the growing demand for white cannabis and CPG products marked with a white label; that the company has expanded its commercial production facility to cope with immediate production Kif– A line of drinks and a line of two recently announced white label customers to begin with; The company also works actively, in depth Negotiations on the list of goods with provincial dealers across Canada for stock branded products Kif as well as the state B Drinks and bring Shape Noir to market; that the company should complete negotiations on the provinces and begin full production in April and May so that beverages are available in the central provinces on time during the busiest months; that themselves BevCanna, as soon as Listing agreements executed and received orders will be focused on launching commercial production based on the demand forecast; that soon after that the delivery of products to warehouses and pharmacies in the provinces and further sale to retail customers will begin; what BevCanna is also in the process of evaluating a number of potential partners with a white label to meet the growing demand of domestic and international partners serving the Canadian cannabis market, thanks to turnkey production capabilities BevCanna want to hook; that the TRACE e-commerce website will serve as a catalyst to raise brand awareness, increase direct customer engagement and maximize customer engagement; what Nature In April and May, the group will focus on deepening existing sales through coordinated marketing campaigns with a number of major national retailers and attracting new national distribution partners to further expand TRACE’s retail sales of traditional foods and natural foods; that the market for cannabis and health products is growing, as is the growing demand for white labels; that the company expects to provide additional news on progress in the international market in the coming weeks; and other statements about the company’s business plans. Prospective statements reflect current management expectations based on currently available information and are subject to a number Risks and uncertainties that could cause material results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking statements.

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