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Börse Express – More than five million PCs in Germany with the dangerous Windows system

Authorities, companies, and private users still use the Windows 7 PC operating system, which was discontinued a year ago, although the software now has significant security gaps. According to current estimates by the analytical company Statcounter, about 8.3 percent of all Windows computers in Germany run outdated software. That’s about four million computers. Along with the still dangerous versions of Windows Vista, XP and 8 that are still in use, it adds up to 5.2 million devices that need to be replaced urgently.

Microsoft stopped providing free updates for Windows 7 a good year ago (January 14, 2020). However, companies and organizations have the opportunity to purchase support extensions from Microsoft. Berlin, among other things, took advantage of this and spent a “high six-figure sum” in 2020. This year, the federal capital wants to complete the final transition to Windows 10.

Private users cannot sign up for additional Microsoft support, and they will need to get along without updates. Worldwide, Windows 7 is still used by about 18 percent of all Windows computers that regularly browse the Internet. Statcounter uses tracking code on more than two million websites to determine which operating system users are using.

Many users have underestimated the security risk of an outdated version of Windows, said Thomas Ulemann, a security specialist at ESET software company. “One weak spot is enough, and computers are open like a barn door for cybercriminals.” Such behavior is careless. “Information about known security vulnerabilities is rapidly spreading in underground forums and used for various attack scenarios.” / Chd / DP / zb

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