Friday , September 17 2021

David Hasselhoff in Salzburg ::

According to Landes-Medienzentrum on Monday night, Glemmtal in Pinzgau will be unavailable on the street from 19.00. L111 is blocked from the Maishofen switch for security reasons. It is also Saalbach-Hinterglemm cut off from the outside world. More than 41,000 people were snow-covered Monday evening in Salzburg.

And among these, 41,000 are at least celebrity. Since Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is currently a guest in Saalbach and has posted videos from the city. "The Hoff" walks in a robe with a hat across the snow and tries to get to the jacuzzi. Meanwhile, he is promoting his upcoming concert Thursday at Walleggalm. "Everyone comes to my show on Thursday," he says. Halfway there, but it seems. "Oh, dear, I went to the jacuzzi, but I can not do it, I'm damned frozen!" He laughs. Well … it's not the beach of Malibu, David.

Numerous places in Salzburg are cut off

On Monday morning, Obertaueren, Unken, Lofer, Saint-Martin, Weissbach and Rauris no longer reached the vehicles. At 18:00, the municipalities Tweng, Grossarl and Hüttschlag in Grossarlta were added because of the further closure of the road. Also, Krimmler Tauernhaus still gets stuck. The care of the victims, including the medical, was provided, the statement said. By late Monday afternoon, about 150 customers in Salzburg had no electricity.

Around 17.00, the Tauern highway (A10) between the border to Carinthia and the Flachau intersection in both directions was probably blocked for several hours because trucks were stuck again and again. Even the railway routes were not passed through the avalanche danger: between Holling Abtenau and Verfen, and between Saulfelden and St. Johann in Tyrol, as well as between Stanach-Irdning and Bischofshofen.

On Monday, about 300 army troops and 520 volunteer fire brigades participated in the fight against snow masses. About 100 volunteers from the flakhaw disaster fellow supported their colleagues in the Traunstein area of ​​Bavaria, mainly when rooftops, as well as 21 Salzburg water rescue workers helped.

Three dead in Salzburg

The three dead, who were killed since the appearance of the capper's weather, is a hunter from the age of 23 and 28, who was snowing in Abtenau on January 5 for wild feeding and was shedding an avalanche, as well as a 47-year-old worker who was destroyed today in Fiestenau , while snow washed with a roar avalanche.

Glinnpflich ended an avalanche of completion on Monday night in Obertauern. The city avalanche left a steep slope behind the hotel and reached the back of the building from its foothills. No one was hurt. The flat strip of slopes between the slope and the house was closed a few days ago. According to the police, a 32-year-old Czech snowboarder and skiing instructor in Obertauern caused an avalanche during deep snow-skating in the open at the beginning of Monday afternoon. Foam avalanche shed the back of another hotel up to ten feet. There was no injury. A 32-year-old was reported after an investigation on suspicion of negligence was completed, police reported.

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