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Deadland DLC in the stream with cool awards

from Tanya Bart
First, take a look at the upcoming DLC ​​Deadlands in the TESO stream for “Gates of Oblivion” and get a brand new Nibenesian pony as a companion and a box of Ouroboros as a reward!

With the upcoming DLC ​​Deadlands, the development team of The Elder Scrolls Online opens the last chapter of the history of “Gates of Oblivion”. In order to destroy the cult of Prince Daedra Merunes Dagon, our heroes must dare to travel to the lands of the dead. The developers of TESO do not want to reveal what adventure awaits us in the realm of oblivion. However, if you want to watch the Deadlands DLC for the first time, you should open the year-end stream on Friday, October 1, at 10 p.m. to be there.

TESO: Blackwood – Land of the Dead and the Curse in the story trailer

TESO Stream: The best for the latter!

TESO's new companion: the Nibenesian pony

TESO’s new companion: the Nibenesian pony

Source: Zenimax

During the show, ESO’s development team will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the future of DLC, The Deadlands, including creative director Rich Lambert, zone presenter Tom Murphy and senior content designer Janet Priblo. In addition to analyzing the developers of DLC Deadlands, you can expect new information about upcoming game actions and events, the current partnership with Trivium and more.

In the stream at the end of the year you can expect not only a detailed preview of the dead lands, but also cool game rewards. Watch the show with a linked account and you will get a snow-white Nibenesian pony as a companion and a box of Ouroboros. Live broadcast is broadcast simultaneously in several languages ​​in different regions. You can find German Stream at this Twitch page.

Questions and answers and post-show

Immediately after the end of the year, TESO community managers are loaded (buy now € 69.95) for a special stream of questions and answers after the show. The main focus of the big round will be the upcoming update 32, but it will also provide answers to questions about the base game. If you want to ask your questions, you can do so on the official forum. Here is the exhibition date of the German Post:

  • When: Tuesday, October 5, at 19:00 Kyiv time
  • Wo: Twitch-DE

You can find more information about the flow of the end of the year on the official homepage of The Elder Scrolls Online.

TESO: Gameplay Trailer for DLC Waking Flame

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