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Did he do it too much? So Jens Büchner was wild and crazy

Jens Büchner has died. A "Goodbye Deutschland" star died on Saturday when she was 49 years old. In recent years, dIt was always a star TV star, looking for the look. Maybe too intense.

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"Jens's health condition is crucial." Doctors seek their human potential. We're close to your family, next to you, "Daniela Büchner wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

Opening his own cafe and weekly appearances on Ballermann and on TV has drained Jens Büchner. Competitions and twigs were not unusual for the eight-squared father. But this time it's different. The emigrant is dead.

Jens had already had tens of jobs

By "Goodbye Germany" Jens Büchner became known in 2011 – as the sudden Saxons who emigrated to Mallorca and sought in all kinds of professional fields. Since then, it has never been quiet around the studied Finanzwirt. There was nothing that Jens Büchner did not do.

Shortly after migration, he opened a bout at Cala Millor with a partner then Jennifer Matthias. After separating from his son's mother in 2013, Malle-Jens went under the jewelery designer, heated heaters, he was modeled for swimwear, worked as a kitchen supporter and even 2014 "career" as a pop singer.

"Broke but sexy"

There's a lot like his songs – for example, "maybe" does not break, but sexually "or" lost, you're not alcohol "- may not be known directly. In Mallorcas Ballermann, however, He was routinely ordered for appearances. The native Zwenkauer spent several times a week on stage – and threw his wife Daniela's badly, with whom he had been married since June 2017, a cafe, and "Faneteria".

"Naively came to the thing"

But the work in the restaurant had drained the couple. "In terms of health, we were driving us to ruin," said Jens in the episode "Goodbye Deutschland" from Monday, which was filmed a month and a half ago. Danni added, "I do not like any longer, I do not feel well any longer."

The couple did not have any employees, they just had to do everything. They have "really engaged the issue," they have seen. Finally, a sign on the door of the "Faneteria" told potential guests that this was still closed for the time being. One month before The term ends.

Büchners patchwork family

Who is thinking now, that is already enough work – he said: that was not that. As well as all the business, Jens and Daniela also have a great family who wants care and care. Together, the couple have Diego Armani and Jenna Soraya twins, who are celebrating their second birthday this year. Especially from these two Jens he kept pictures on social media.

In addition to his two eldest daughters Jenny and Jessica. They come from Jens' first marriage, living in Germany. The girlfriend has a one-year-old girl and her grandpa made her father. With former Jenny Jens his son Leon. He also lives in Mallorca, but with a mother.

In addition, Danni came with three children to the marriage: Joelina, Jada and Volkan. The three boys often look after the twins while the parents work. Recently, Joelina, 18, started twenty six months in Ireland. Methods: less support and more work for the couple Büchner.

Stress and unemployment

But that was not that. In fact, Jens Büchner's diary was already overcrowded. But Malle-Jens always received further inquiries. In 2017 he stayed in the jungle camp, appearances on the red carpet came back, this year he moved with Daniela's wife into the "summer house of the stars" one. It all sounds fun, but much effort and work are needed. After the time in the summer house, the crowd in the "Faneteria" became even more. And again they both talked about too much stress and overwhelming work.

This year, Jens had also lost a lot of pressure – without diet or exercise. "I lost £ 15, I did not do any sports, it was stress related, we opened our store and the months before it was extremely stressful, so everything was done on time. " I was surprised at how much I lost weight. "he told" kukksi ".

Daniela also commented on the online portal this summer: "The stress is sometimes overflowing in our heads, sometimes there is an emergency situation in our wedding or in the store, we & # 39 I'm only a man and sometimes we're losing our nerves, we also have a massive crowd in "Faneteria".

But critics had to even fight the Büchner. Once again, the family arrived at hate comments on the net. Finally but also because the café is closed earlier than expected. Many fans blame their opponents about their health problems. Even Iris Klein, the mother of Daniela Katzenberger, of this view. "Would you like to do it with his scary comments that he took her to heart until he died?", She turned on Thursday through Facebook to her critics.

"Doctors try their best to help people"

At the beginning of the week, Jens was in hospital again. Earlier, the 49-year-old was already accepted once, because of stomach ulcer. At this time, however, his condition was essential, his wife said Tuesday. No-one knew how serious it was about the emigrants. "Doctors are trying their best to help people," said Danni.

Four days later, Jens has died. This was announced by his control, stating his family on Saturday night in a short statement on Facebook. According to the television emigrant "after a short fight but difficult to sleep peacefully".

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