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He destroyed "Le Cost Killer"

Paris, Tokyo, DusseldorfAll the cameras have aimed at Hiroto Saikawa. "It's very difficult to express my feelings in words," said Nissan's head was obviously troublesome. "I'm feeling disappointed and great despair." It's 10:02 pm in Yokohama.

At the Japanese car maker's headquarters, Saikawa has recently invited to a press conference. He apologizes to the journalists about the unusual time, but what he has to say can no longer stay.

As part of internal investigations, Saikawa claims, its group has identified serious "misconduct" among senior executives – especially Carlos Ghosn. It is said that the chair of the Board of Directors of Nissan – and therefore its direct head – has received corporate funds embezzled for private purposes.

In particular, Ghosn claimed fraudulent stock reports and misrepresented his or her income and investments. This could have enriched the 64-year-olds by a billion billion yen. That's about 40 million euros.

The accusations are so heavy for Gosn to be arrested on Monday in Japan. Nissan wants to leave the manager immediately. The arrest and discharge of Poisoning is about to happen as an earthquake that is likely to shake the entire automotive world. "There's a big scandal going on," Frank Schwope's fears, analyst at NordLB. Because no one is passionate.

As the head of the alliance of the three Renault vehicle producers, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, the manager orders a force of over 450,000 workers in almost 200 countries. Around 10.6 million vehicles are sold each year to casualties, giving them a neck and neck race with Volkswagen for the world's largest vehicle maker crown.

The allegations against Spos now have "shadowed over the League," explains Schwope. A capital market expert expects "a significant impact" on the operating business. The stock market responded awful. Meanwhile, Nissan's share price had plunged more than 5 per cent on Monday, and Renault's share price was almost 12 percent.

In France, the relationship not only drives the capital market, but government leaders. After all, the French state owns about 15 percent of Renault. President Emmanuel Macron made a vague statement. He said the French state was "very vigilant" about the "stability" of the car maker and the future of the league with Nissan. "It's too early to say anything about the truthfulness of the allegations," said Macron. He does not have any known details.

Renault's supervisory boards want to deal with the Cause soon. If the allegations of Japan are hardening, Ghosn now seems tolerable in Paris. The Japanese partner Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) responded promptly.

"In response to arresting Ghosn and because the allegation of misconduct is linked to corporate governance and compliance issues, the Board of Directors intends to release Spos immediately from his position as Chair of MMC and the Representative Director," he said the company just before midnight time with. The company also wanted to check if Gosn also breached the rules in MMC.

There is an unacceptable accident. Until his arrest, Ghosn was highly respected in business, politics and society. Pricewaterhouse Coopers consultants have been counted several times as world-renowned managers. In Japan, his life was immortalized in a manga comic.

With Daimler's manager, Dieter Zetsche, he's growing "friendly, hard but cordial male". In France, he is considered to be "Le Cost Killer", which Nissan saved from ruining and leading Renault for the future. "Without hesitation, it's probably that Renault would not exist in this form today," explained Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer.

Ghosn is a thriller par excellence. The French was born with Lebanon's origins in Brazil. He believes: "A leader is a person who brings performance." Gosn is considered a real job. In Paris at Renault headquarters, he often appears at 7.30 a clock, after he worked a few hours, reporting the newspaper "Le Figaro".

A father of four children has always been very ambitious, reporting seven languages. He has a diploma of Polytechnique a French elite school, he started his career with Michelin's tire maker and quickly raised a number two. In 1996, he was made by the CEO of Renault, Louis Schweitzer, who saw him as his successor.

Founder of Triple League

But Ghosn in 1999 moved from Renault to Nissan's head to lead the company who was owed to the crisis. In 2005, Renault's Gossip also defeated. The French is connected to Nissan through a crossroads. The power behind the car is Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. It has built Triple Alliance. The way in which it's going on is not unclear.

In Yokohama, head of Nissan Hiroto Saikawa is trying to secure his own workforce: "We do not expect much impact on Nissan's operations." Saikawa, Renault's league partner, on the other hand, faces serious consequences.

"This will have a big impact on Renault," predicts the manager. At the same time, Saikawa stresses that the alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi will continue. He has published close talks with the leading thoughts of partner companies and wants to act immediately if necessary.

In the meantime, Saikawa did not refuse to roll another cowboy on Nissan. An independent inquiry committee will work up the relationship. "We need to analyze what has happened in the past and respond seriously and immediately," Saikawa explained. Repairs are: In addition to Whenever you have to go to the "master of the event". These are Greg Kelly, Representative Director in Nissan.

The main reason why he could even come so far, Saikawa has already done: the great power of Sun King Ghosn. The French did a great job at first, admitted. But in the later years there were improvements and shortcomings. And Nissan will eliminate the negative influences, namely "the excessive concentration of force".

It's a long-term result of the former head, Saikawa said. "In the future, we want to make sure that we do not rely on individual individuals." The case now gives Nissan an opportunity to reconsider its own way of working.

Nissan reaches the scandal around Gosn hard. But unlike Renault, the car maker is not suddenly without a CEO. For the French, a successor should be built in the years to come. The French state wanted to see French at the top. But Ghosn was still keen to hold his power.

He had decided to appoint Thierry Bolloré at Renault to the new number. This was previously responsible for competition issues. The 55-year-old French has been with Renault since 2012, before joining Faurecia and Michelin's French suppliers.

Ghosn had chosen a person in his shadow, because Bolloré has rarely appeared public so far. With internal competitors Ghosn has always done a short job in the past. The manager of today's Peugeot Carlos Tavares promoted ahead of the door in 2013, as he announced public ambitions to the executive chairman. So far, Bolloré has been able to set his own accents.

Now it could be possible to come to play as early as 2022, as long as Ghosn's mandate is still running. Renault's retirement is Germany Stefan Müller, as Chief Officer of the Performance Officer of the Renault Board. Müller was considered long as a possible prince's crown. He left the company according to his own data for health reasons. In fact, the inaccurate nationhood could be the reason.

Nissan office pass

At Nissan Ghosn, he was transferred gradually from October 2016 to Hiroto Saikawa and retired to the position of the Board Chair. Saikawa became co-CEO and then in April 2017, Nissan's new manager.

As a reason, Ghosn said at the time that he wanted to focus on the procurement and the alliance after the acquisition of the Mitsubishi Motor carmaker. Ghosn had used a scandal about used data used in Mitsubishi Motors to distribute the specialist for SUVs and small-league vehicles. Thus, the bilateral league was closed to sell to Toyota, VW and GM.

However, Ghosn also came rapidly by scandals in Nissan in the criticism. First, it was the fact that employees who had not completed internal audit in the inspector were partially carried out by final car recipients for the Japanese market.

Nissan then called Japan to 1.2 million cars for inspections back to the workshops. Internal inquiries were extended. One year's result was the perception that employees did not have emitted emissions and other property inspections elsewhere. As a reason for employees' misconduct, the company announced pressure at cost.

In the Japanese press on Monday, despite the usual suspension of the wording, a clear criticism of Devil as an identifiable leader. In the country, where corporate heads are slightly low compared to other industrial countries, Gosn's pay is a special excitement.

"Gosn's pay has long been controversial," emphasized "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" (Nikkei), who has printed the most everyday economy in the world. For example, in the 2017 financial year, they had 735 million yen (5.7 million euros) from Nissan, 227 million yen (1.76 million euros) from Mitsubishi and 7.4 million euros from Renault.

In addition, these were already lower compensation than Gosn hoping after the shareholders voted against their package in 2016. For this year, the French government, which accounts for 15 percent of Renault, only when Gosn was ready to reduce a third.

The "Yomiuri Shimbun", the most common everyday newspaper, contrasts its high-income manager with a "cost cost" image, with Ghosn long profitable as a fox.

"Losing a reputation is a big blow," said Shimbun Sankei. The NHK public broadcaster, who is committed to neutralism, focused on the emphasis on high income and also clearly underestimated. Goddesses on possible outcomes for Nissan: This group will "be pregnant and heavy".

Now there are questions that Has Thought know for some time that an objection is brought to it? Finally, the French flirted months ago with premature departure. He wanted to leave his CEO post in Renault before 2022, he said once. However, he wanted to be the Renault chairman and the league with the Japanese. Even then the amount of the charge was a central issue.

President Emmanuel Macron even encouraged in 2016, as the Minister for Economic Affairs, to break Gosn's pay. But Gosn as head of Allianz was a heavy card, so he could afford a lot. Ghosn had been pressing for a long time for a merger between Renault and Nissan, who wanted to tie the union even closer.

He had proposed that the French state give the best of Renault's influence. But the French state was skeptical. Nowadays, the complete union of both corporations appears further afield than ever.

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