Thursday , July 29 2021

Motorsport – Dovizioso won the MotoGP Grand Prix in Valencia

The Italian submarine champion came from a 2.750 second rainfall demolition in front of the Alex Rinsen Spaniard. Pol Espargaro (+ 7.406) was the third place a very special one, as this is the first acoustic finish for the Austrian KTM maker in the main motorcycle class.

Last year's winner, Dani Pedrosa, was a fifth place in his farewell performance. The Grand Prix had to cancel in the 15th of the 27th troop because of too much water on the track. Only 15 drivers were in the race at the start, the most obvious absent was Marc Marquez, the Spanish world champion, who had lost control of Honda in turn nine. His world title had already been set.

Ducie kept a Dovizioso rider even after restarting in very difficult circumstances. Espargaro was third despite the accident before the restart, but only because of the failure of Valentino Rossi. The 39-year-old Italy had a five-fold accident, giving it a re-safe and finishing only 13th. It was a perfect weekend for KTM, after winning Can Öncü (Moto3) and Miguel Oliveira (Moto2).

"I'm very happy with this result and I do not believe it right again," said Pol Espargaro. The KTM milestone is more spectacular, considering that the Spanishman has dropped before the rain is demolished. During the break, the bicycle was banned and Espargaro was able to resume.

KTM needed 37 races to bring a driver in the "top class" to the podium for the first time. "It was an incredible process, incredible development," said the 27-year-old. Two years ago, you started in the last row. "For me it was hard to imagine the result of such a day," Espargaro received acceptance after his first career podium finish.

KTM had put his first performance at MotoGP during the 2016 season in Valencia, now the second full season ended. "I'm very proud of all, not just the racing team, but everyone in Mattighofen is part of the project, which is more than just a third place for us," said Espargaro.

This was also highlighted by Pit Beirer. "Today, we had a lot ago for our first time effort," said KTM's Motorsport Director. "It took so many hours to get the project in place, it's a lot for me, it's hard to find the correct words, how do I feel."

Mike Leitner's team manager was also very proud: "It was a great day for KTM and Red Bull, finishing the season with a pleasantly nice, there's a great story that nobody would have believed in the morning here. " At the general stalls, Espargaro finished 14th, his team member Bradley Smith finished 18th.

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