Friday , July 30 2021

Perchtengruppe was attacked at Lokal –

20-year-old Klagenfurter took a Saturday night in a restaurant on members of Perchtengruppe. One injected knocked an iron grid at the head, the man was injured. The Klagenfurt was shown.

The dispute rose soon after midnight at the Downtown Klagenfurt restaurant. According to the police, he was officially notified, at the age of 20, in the first instance, he had begun to dispute with the members that were no longer worn in the Sweatshirt group, then throw dust dust into the group. He moved the dispute in the episode in front of the restaurant. Then, the Klagenfurter came into an enemy, cut an iron grid of the ground and beat a 23-year-old member of the Lapper group at the head. He suffered the Rissquetschwunde Styrian ahead.

Pond cover is thrown through glass

While I've been able to pull the restaurant down, the Klagenfurter is going to go ahead. He raised a piece of water hole and threw the glass door, knocking a stone against the bar window.

When the police arrived, Klagenfurter complained about headaches, and the officers were unable to find any visible injuries. However, he was brought out of the rescue at the Klagenfurt hospital, the Styrian also became accused of the hospital. The Klagenfurter was finally noted for assault and damage to property.

Discussion about Perchtenbrauchtum

Perchtenbrauchtum has provided over the last few years for discussions, again and comes on behalf of the visitors to terrorism. Carinthian police announced an increasing presence this year in the palaces. One of the first movements of the season came last weekend in Cornish to riots. There was fighting, damage to property, many people were injured and dropped by a police car license plate – more in brawls and injured after Perchtenlauf.

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